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Hi guys,

Lines, good fluid, and stainless lines are always a good quick upgrade for any car. High quality brake fluid like Motul 600 or SRF will allow more temperature in the brakes without running as high of a risk of boiling. Stainless lines will reduce the chance of the rubber line coming apart during high pressures and heat that can be seen under HPDE events. The stiffer line material will also give you a better pedal feel and firm up the brake pedal. Brake pads should always be chosen for the application at hand and you always need to match your pad to the use for maximum performance.

Stage I kits for a quick and easy upgrade to your Corvette. Includes: lines, hardware, Motul fluid, and High-Performance brake pads.

Stage II kit if you need to replace your worn out rotors, or simply upgrade to better set of StopTech's slotted, or drilled AeroRotors. Kit's include everything from the Stage I kit plus four StopTech rotors.

When you are ready for the next level, big brake kits are always the best bet. StopTech brakes have been our exclusive brake for our World Challenge cars since 2004 when we teamed up with them on our Corvettes. StopTech offers un-beatable performance and quality for the price. Not only that you will have top quality service and support from not only LG Motorsports but from StopTech, a company right here in the US:flag:.

StopTech continues to lead the braking world in performance and design of their braking kits.
You will not find a rotor on the market today that has the aero-dynamics found inside the StopTech AeroRotor. These improvements will give you a much cooler rotor, that will give you longer life and better performance time and time again.

Many companies offer a two piece hat and rotor design to save weight but not all two piece hat and rotor designs are equal. Not only will StopTech rotors save weight but they will let you choose between floating, and fixed rotors for street or track use. Full floating rotors will allow the rotor to move unrepentantly of the hat taking up any deflection or tolerance in the rotating assembly reducing 'pad knock back' under racing conditions. The AeroHat design also is directionally vented to increase cooling to the face of the rotor.

The bolt in bridge design also adds to the stiffness in the caliper. Stiff calipers not only reduce the chance of a soft pedal, but they also make sure your brake pads wear even and do not taper giving you more contact and longer life from your pads. StopTech continues to lead in caliper rigidness and structural stiffness.

These are just a few of the highlight points of why we choose to work with StopTech on developing the latest in Corvette Braking components for our race cars, and ultimately your street/track Corvette at home.

We are currently running specials on full StopTech kits as well, please contact us here at LG Motorsports for details.
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