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storing cams, cranks heads

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I store cams in 2" pvc one end has a glued pvc cap the other end a rubber cap with a radiator screw clamp I fill the PVC pipe about 1/2 full of cheap oil after the cams inserted then seal and shake gently, to cover the cam in oil and store them on a rack where I turn them on ocasion (tape an ID tag with info on the PVC pipe)

Ive had a few cams in storage over 20 years that look new, plastic will eventually get brittle but if your not stressing it It works fine ,Ive had the same cam tubes for 20 plus years

PVC pipe and caps in 6"-8" dia. or larger size gets prohibitively expensive
army surplus store ocasionally sell dirt cheap heavy wall plastic containers that can be used for cranks,but you can store cranks and cylinder heads in several 30 gallon trash bags once heavily sprayed with LPS #3 (yeah it says two years, but in a sealed plastic bag its good for well over 12 years plus) even in a large plastic storage box, BTW its best to roll the crank wrapped in the trash bag and coated with the LPS #3e in a sheet of cardboard sheet taped firmly around it to prevent the plactic from tearing and it aids stability when the cranks are stood on the flange , heads get layed flat,and store it so the box its in can,t be hit tipped or get wet (off the floor on a shelf) Ive rarely needed to store more than 4 cranks or cylinder heads and they all fit in one or two large air tight millitary surplus containers (LABEL THE BOXES and PACK EACH thing seperately in its own bags and cardboard roll protection)
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