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first coat the cylinders and pistons with marvel mystery oil, loosen all the rockers so no springs or lifters are under tension,if the engine has the cylinder heads bolted on, squirt about 3 teaspoons of marvel mystery oil into the spark plug holes,remove the oil pan and coat the crank and rods with marvel mystery oil, reinstall the oil pan with a minimum of 6 bolts, snug but not tight,buy a can of
LPS #3 sprayed over all external surfaces
then thread the old spark plogs in to the plug threads finger tight, tape all openings like exhaust ports./intake ports, with duct tape,then, stick the block in a 40 gallon plastic trash bag sealed with duct tape, reseal the block twice more so that you have 3 separate 40 gallon trash bags over the block each sealed separately with duct tape. place the engine off the floor on a shelf or on an engine stand (screw the bolts right Thru the plastic to mount it)
Ive stored engines for over 5 years this way and they come out in perfect condition…&sid=b0ef01756a3d983f8169a71405f3dc67#p5180
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