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1967 Coupé, 327
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Unfortunately I couldn’t find the answer from a search, I apologize if it had been covered before.
I had too much play (camber) on the drivers side rear wheel of my 1967. After looking underneath the car, I see too much play in the stub axle (side yoke) but only on that side. Very frustrating as the rear end was Rebuilt recently and there are only about 5000 mi on it. I ordered new side yokes, and pulled everything apart. According to my measurements, the new parts are actually smaller than the originals (0.16“ vs 0.18“ as measured from the Yoke tip to the snap ring/circlip or whatever it is called)
Can anyone tell me what that measurement is supposed to be?
With everything reassembled I have 0.025“ between the yoke tip and center pin. What is the correct spec? All I saw were a couple YouTube Videos which mentioned 0.008-0.010.
Thank you for your help!
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