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A love "rectangle":laughing:

insert "Dueling Banjos" music wav file here and read on....:D

These precious angels probably did all this over a guy with sum tats n a broken down 1962 Harley, maybe a dental card...:laughing:

One woman's garbage is another woman's Potpourri.....:laughing:

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Macomb County Sheriff's Department investigators have charged two men and two women in a murder for hire scheme to kill an Armada Township woman.

The suspects are Mallorie WIlson-Strat, Christina Sears, David Clark and Bashar Monsour. Investigators believe the two women, Wilson-Strat and Sears, came up with the plan. They wanted the wife of Wilson-Strat's boyfriend to be killed. The intended victim is also the sister-in-law of Christina Sears.

Investigators say the pair first hired David Clark and paid him $1000 to do the job. On March 23 police say Clark broke into Jessica Sears' home, but stopped at the bedroom door and for some reason "had a change of heart" and couldn't get it done.

A concerned citizen contacted an undercover Macomb Co. Sheriff's investigator and told him about the plot to kill. That tipster put Wilson-Strat in touch with the undercover officer. Investigators say she met with the undercover officer and offered a $500 down payment. Police say four days later, Sears and Wilson-Strat met the undercover officer at the Comfort Suites hotel in Warren and handed over the cash. Fifteen minutes later, the women were arrested. Clark was later taken into custody as was another man, Bashar Monsour who investigators say was doing surveillance on the intended victim."


I'll bet your tax dollars helped these sexy jewels pay for those hit men. :laughing:

Authorities are yet unsure if inbreeding, their Smokers Outlet membership, or Kentucky DNA genome lineage have played a factor. :D
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