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I am building a super10 now for a nice 67 in the 500-600hp range. One thing that pops up once in a while is a worn, enlongated front bracket hole in the casting.

Now I don't know if others even check the holes, the bracket will bolt on but there is play in the hole that I don't like. So I want to repair it back to original configuration.

This should be done with a bare housing and I set it up in my Bridgeport mill but I suppose it could be carefully done on the car. The housing is centered and the hole milled, then sleeve is machined to the hole, pressed in and the final hole drilled or milled out. I drilled it close to size in the lathe and know the ID will close a little once pressed in, so that is why I final size it after install. I could have pressed in a solid steel plug and then center and drilled it but it is faster on the lathe in this case.

Once the sleeve is installed and drilled I ground the face smooth and the bracket bolted on without and play or bolt binding.

Just something to check when rebuilding one of these diff's.


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Hi Brian,
With snow on the ground already, more time in the shop!
Nice Touch on the C3 Diff Gary.

Very nice Lathe. Hand scraped ways.
Super accurate.

Not much going on but my own projects this Winter.
A Race Pontiac V8.
1970-1/2 Trans Am RAIV 455 4-speed.

Street Drag Race Dodge. Not the 1st time I have done it.
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