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Everyone that has driven a C-4 and a C-5 knows that the C-5 brakes are far superior but don't fear there are people out there that make brackets that allow us to bolt up the bigger, better brakes to the cars we love. I got my brackets from member Jeffvette so that's where I'll tell you to get yours too.:laughing:

  1. List of needed items:
    [*] -Basic hand tools. Specific sizes I used are listed when they are used.

    [*] -Jack and jackstands, Don't hate me I used my lift.:D

    [*] -Cailper conversion brackets (available in different areas on the net I got mine from member JeffVette)

    [*] -C-5 brake cailpers. You can buy them new I bought good used ones.

    [*] -C-5 caliper brackets (got mine with the calipers)

    [*] -C-5 brake pads (local parts store)

    [*] -C-5 or 6 rotors. I got mine local but you can purchase these new as well.
You can reuse your stock brake lines or this is a good time to upgrade to stainless braided lines.

My swap cost me $350. If you bought all new you would be close to or over $1000. Have fun shopping and take your time, the deals are out there.:thumbsup:

First we'll start off with some comparison shots.
Here (in the next few pics) you see the size differences between the calipers and rotors. Sorry for the crappy rotor on rotor pics buy the old ones are boxed up and headed out and I didn't know how bad the pic was untill later.;)

OK so now we see why to do the swap let's look at how.
We'll start with your tire removed, if you need directions on this step, put down your tools and step away from the car. You shouldn't be doing this.

With the tire removed locate and remove the bolts that hold your cailpers to the caliper brackets. On my car these were a 15mm bolt and a 17 mm wrench for the pin.

With these bolts loose you can set the caliper up on the a-arm for future use.
Leave the brake line hooked up to it for now so there isn't a lot of fluid leaking while you work.

Now using a 13/16" socket I removed the caliper bracket. I didn't this in two steps to show how the two go together. More experienced people can remove the caliper and caliper bracket together.

Now you are down to the bare rotor. Some stock setups will have a spring clip holding the rotor on the spindle just use a pair of needle nose pliers and remove it. I've changed my brakes in the past so I didn't have a clip to remove. Just pull the rotor off now.

You should now be looking at this:

Now you can put your adaptor bracket on the spindle using the hex head bolts to secure it.

The bracket shown is for an 84-87 car. The bracket shown below is for 88- up cars.

Then put your C-5 rotor on the spindle and attach the caliper bracket. This picture shows the brackets installed with out the rotor to show how they go.

Here is how it should look with the rotor installed.

Note I have to shave the washers for clearance to the spindle so that they would sit flush

Now when installing the caliper be sure you have the rubber gaskets that go from the pin to the caliper bracket. I had to use the ones from my old brakes as my new ones didn't have them.
Here is a picture of what I am talking about and below that is how to remove them.

These will just pop into the grooves in the pin and caliper bracket.

Now install your brake pads and bolt your calipers onto the brackets this is just the reverse step from the begining. It should look like this when done.(of course you will have brake pads as I don't in this picture)

Now you will remove the brake line from your old caliper and let it bleed just a hair then bolt it to your new caliper and bleed the brakes as you normally would. You are now ready to go for some retina sheering stops. Have fun.:buhbye:
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