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Swirled Millenium Yellow Z06

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I have a 04 Millenium Yellow Z06 that is badly swirled (atleast to me, im a nut :crazy:), the first owner must of took it to the car wash or had poor clean habits for this car. My first attempt at removing the swirls i used : Zaino ZPC Fusion, Orange Cutting Pad and the PC 7424 and got poor results. I really would like all the swirls and water ecthing off my paint for a smooth mirror like finish.

I was going to buy the Adams Swirl and Haze Remover and Revive Polish but was told by Brad that they have a new Machine Polish made for the PC coming out soon. If the Swirl and Haze will get my paint fresh i would use that then.

I would just like for the guys that show the pics of their perfect 'Vette's let me in on the secret, cause when i clean my car and see the swirls after drying it sucks big time knowing i can have a great looking shine.

Thanks, Patrick :thumbsup:
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Vette clear is *very* hard, so it's going to take a pretty aggressive polish/pad combination and a good deal of time to correct a bad finish with the PC. *I* prefer Menzerna polishes.
Unless they're really bad, Adams Swirl and Haze w/ Revive and a PC run on about 3500 RPM will work fine. I use it all the time and have great results.
Begin w/ the orange pad w/ straight S & H Remover and finish w/ the Black pad and wax. I've found under certain conditions you may have to put more pressure on the PC then I normally would feel comfortable doing ....but it works.

Hey Patrick,

Thanks for considering Adam's Polishes. In your case since you are having a tough time removing the swirls in your paint, I would definitely go with the Swirl and Haze Remover and Revive Polish. The Fine Machine Polish which we will be offering in a few weeks is good for light to moderate swirls, but in your case the SHR would probably work best. Like Zane pointed out Corvette's have very hard clear coats so it will take a heavy polishing pad, like our green pad, Straight SHR, and a little time to really take care of those swirls.

If you decide to go with our goods I would try the following process:

1. Start with the green pad with straight swirl and haze. Go side to side, then up and down. Repeat
2. Do this two or three times. Don’t be afraid to give it some pressure.
Remove the SHR
3. Switch to orange pad. Combine Revive and Swirl and Haze 70/30. Go side to side, then up and down. Repeat.
4. Do this two or three times. Again, a little pressure.
Remove the polish
5. Switch to white pad. Use straight Revive Polish. Side to side. Then up and down. Don’t repeat.
6. If it is good, apply a coat of wax. If still not satisfied let me know, me might be able to try one last option

Hope this helps. Let us know if we can assist you in any other way.
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Thanks for the quick replies, i will be going with the Adams SHR and the Green/Orange Cutting Pad, I will be doing this during the week so i will keep you posted, last time i used the PC i used so much pressure i almost fainted:thud:. Thanks Brad. :thumbsup:

BTW... i posted the exact same thread on the "other" forum and i got banned :WTF I like to see what the whole vette commuity is up to by search all forums, but after that stunt i am thru with them over there, you have to watch every little damn thing you say over there. DC is really the best forum for Corvette..PERIOD! :partyon:
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