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FLAGSTAFF, AZ - Norchem Laboratories in Flagstaff is one of
only five companies out of about 100 nationwide that has
developed a test to detect Spice, the synthetic,
marijuana-like substance that is marketed as incense.

At Norchem, about 8 percent of urine and blood samples test
positive for THC, the compound in marijuana that gives the
user a "high."

When Norchem screened samples from all offenders at the
Coconino County Juvenile Detention Facility, nearly 50
percent came back positive for the presence of Spice. That's
more than six times the rate of THC positives, a statistic that
Norchem president Bill Gibbs calls "shocking."

Gibbs cites two reasons for the rate: Spice can be bought
legally by children, and many juveniles don't think there's a
test that can detect its use.

By: Associated Press


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If "they" only knew who actually smoked real weed on a regular basis, "they" wouldn't be so shocked...

With that being said, keep it natural, folks.:thumbsup:

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The "Incense" that is called spice gives more of a rush then even some of the best weed. It is not commonly tested because it is still legal in most jurisdictions. I've heard that the rush come on quickly, levels off and dies within an hour or two at the most. Since I don't live in Cali and have a medical card, I can't legally speak of this but I have heard it.;)
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