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Throwing out a question here about the VSS reluctor wheel in the T-56 six speed manual transmission. I'm using a T-56 that was in a 2000 Camaro. I believe the T-56 was used in the 1998 - 2002 GM F-body cars. It has an 11 tooth reluctor wheel on the output shaft that provides a signal for the ECU to calculate vehicle speed through the VSS sensor.

I'm using the E67 ECU that came with the GM Performance Parts kit for the LS-3 engine. The E67 is calibrated for a 40 tooth reluctor wheel. I used HP Tuner to come up with a bogus rear gear ratio to make the speedometer (Dakota Digital) read correctly. The E67 has a reluctor wheel setting that can be changed to match the reluctor wheel tooth count, but many people say that it is a known problem that the E67 will start throwing codes if the tooth count parameter is changed to 11.

For several reasons, I would like to switch the 11 tooth reluctor to a 40 tooth reluctor. I believe I've read that the non-OEM T-56 Magnum from Tremec comes with a 40 tooth reluctor wheel.

I have searched around but so far I haven't been able to confirm that the 40 tooth wheel in the T-56 Magnum will replace the OEM T-56 11 tooth wheel.

Has anyone been successful in swapping the 11 tooth wheel with a 40 tooth wheel?

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