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TADA!!! TTZ06- Killer!

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Hope this hasnt been posted before, OMG this thing looks crazy!!!:surprised :surprised I would love to see this beast run! Enjoy! If its a repost, just delete!
1450RWHP and if i remember correctly the guy that helped build it said, 80,000 for the car, 40,000 for engine, 20,000 for suspension and 20,000 for something else, dont quite remember!

Also is a C5R block

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Better put some wide sticky tires under that hp or spin the tires right off in smoke.:rolling:
HOLY ****!!

Got vids?? Reminds me of someone elses car right here in Chicago..:D
I prefer the APS twin turbo set up which allows you to keep the original engine with alot more usable hp (if there is such a thing when you speak of anything over 650) :devil:
:thud: Speechless.
NICE:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
:partyon: :partyon: :partyon: :thud: :thud:

That car->:nuts:<-any other car....:D
Hey guys, i just got some more pics of this thing, if u give me a couple mins, i can post them!

1265RWHP! and the guy said just in case they should lose, they have a nitrous kit hooked up! lol! AWESOME:devil:

k here u guys go!

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Totally loving the bone stock outside look. take it to the standing mile and knock off that Viper:partyon:
sound clips/ videos anybody?
anyway, would this car be considered a sleeper? It looks stock.... but you would think that the idle would give it away or the name Z06, people know not to mess with that. take it to the standing mile and knock off that Viper:partyon:
Oh My God!!! Nevermind Viper it would kill an Enzo.........Saleen S7.......and just about anything that does not have a parachute!!!!!!:spanked:
ill keep an eye out for the video, i too would like to see it running!
Yep that should get it away from a stop light pretty good.
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