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Targa Project I've Been Finishing

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Guess the neighbors were wondering "What's the kid up to with that car now!?"

About two months ago, I had the targa off and really got to noticing just how much empty space there was between the windshield frame and targa brackets. There's quite a bit! I really wanted to fill in that space to help create a barrier to absorb some of the stress, as well to cosmetically clean it up a tad.

So I took the air compressor and cleared out the empty gaps from dust any loose debris, then whipped out the trusty caulk gun. With some strong clear outdoor/window caulking, I began filling in the gaps. As seen in the first picture below, I also removed the two-piece plastic trim and filled in all below the targa bolt area. Lots to fill in underneath that trim. The caulk I used was quite different from what I'm used to but not to worry, it dries clear. Today, I simply went back to fill in the spots that formed as the caulk settled from use, two months ago.

This picture shows the bead I ran across the top of the windshield frame. A clean finger is all that's needed to squeeze caulk into the tight spaces. When dry, any excess is easy to remove.

I also had run a bead around the targa itself.

I am very pleased with how it looks after it's completely dried. I'm sure it'll be a good aid as a stress barrier between frame and trim. Can't really say whether or not it's reduced any strees issue since I've never experienced any creeking noises with the targa before but I will say this addition should certainly keep things together nicely. It has given the targa a much firmer seal when on the car though. Used to be the targa was just laying there with some bolts in it, now you can feel it (like its suctioned) when removing the top.

Anyways, I'm happy with it.
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