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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The labor market remains pressured, but there was a slight reprieve as the government offered a much less dour assessment of the labor market in August than had been expected.
The Labor Department said employers shed 54,000 jobs from nonfarm payrolls in August. Though a loss, the drop was half of what was expected by most Wall Street economists, who were calling for a decline of 120,000.
Still, as expected, the nation's unemployment rate edged up by a tenth of a percent to 9.6%.

On the private-sector front, the report said employers added 67,000 positions last month compared to expectations calling for a pick-up of 44,000 jobs. The government also revised down its prior assessments, now saying nonfarm payrolls dropped by 54,000 in July from the 131,000 loss originally reported.
Unsurprisingly, companies continue to lay off workers at a steady pace. Here, then, is a look at those corporations that have laid off workers since the beginning of the year.

Harley-Davidson(HOG) workers are gathering in Wisconsin to vote on a labor contract that if passed, could result in layoffs, as well as other concessions.
The deal would freeze pay, slash hundreds of jobs, and give more work to nonunion employees.
But regardless of whether or not the deal is passed or rejected, it looks like layoffs are looming at the motorcycle maker. The company said if the proposal is rejected, it would move production out of Wisconsin, which would results in about 1,350 job cuts

Mexico production next like Polaris? Not going to be pretty after the boomers die off and their market is gone.

Boeing(BA) is consolidating its military aircraft business and cutting workers as a result.
The company said on Sept. 7 that it will consolidate six divisions into four and slash jobs, starting with 10% of the group's executives. Boeing did not reveal how many more layoffs will follow.
In July, Boeing warned that layoffs were likely to hit its defense business due to government budget cuts. And earlier in the year, Boeing announced that it had sent out more than 1,000 layoff notices. The majority of the employees laid off were technology workers in Washington state and California.
Those layoffs were part of 10,000 jobs cuts that Boeing originally planned for 2009. When Boeing did not complete the layoffs last year, its management announced that it would finish the job of laying off the workers in 2010 -- and might ultimately lay off more workers than the original 10,000 that were projected.

And that's just from a Iraq reduction and a few small spending cuts...
Wait till we fully withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan....:surprised

General Dynamics Robotics Systems(GD) announced on Sept. 2 that it will lay off 132 workers at its Westminster, Md., site in 60 days unless it received funding for a program it is working on for the U.S. Army.
The company said its Autonomous Navigation System is out of funding, and it will pay workers for the next 60 days. If the program is not funded by then, the workers will be laid off.
The Westminster facility currently employees 350 workers. Back in May it slashed 80 full-time jobs and 10 contract positions and laid off another 31 workers in July.

rut oh......more military...

Defense contractor Northrop Grumman(NOC) said on Aug. 25 that it plans on slashing 642 jobs at its Pascagoula, Miss. shipyard by the end of the year.
The company said the layoffs are a result of the cyclical nature of shipbuilding. It previously laid off 400 workers between May and July.
Earlier in the month, Northrop also said that it will shutter its Tallulah, La. shipyard before the end of the year, resulting in 95 job losses. It will also lay off 110 workers at its Avondale, La. yard, which is expected to close in early 2013.
Its Tallulah site should close by Dec. 3, while no date was provided on the closure of the Avondale yard.
Northrop has been handing out pink slips in droves. It issued notices to 59 employees at its Maryland facility on June 28, and another 180 notices were doled out earlier in the year.
Northrop employs about 120,000 people around the world.

Rut oh again....

Just a few I picked... there's others.

The list is pretty small actually.
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