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Can you believe this

Our Tax subsidized E85 is being Shipped out of the country

This Country is not trying to live Green at all

In fact they are only "Politically Green"

And not living green at all

Our State Government here in California is only "Politically Green"

They burn more Fossil fuel than anybody else in the entire USA

and E85 is only sold at a few pumps, And that is supposed to serve Millions of people !

Then I come to find out why ??

Our Taxpayer subsidized E85 is being EXPORTED ! :nuts:

I wrote the White House, The energy commission and Senator Jerry Brown on this issue,

What is the Entire United States Corrupt these days ???

It sure seems that way

You should be concerned because your Tax dollars are being Misused and mismanaged :nuts:

Crooks !

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You guys talk about this kind of stuff all the day long

But I go to the plate

And I get results

So jump on in this matter and make a difference

Write the white house

Write anybody that you think can make a difference

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I got a response from an Honest man From

Renewable Fuels Association

I wrote him a letter wondering why " Politically Green California" Has only a few E85 Gas pumps to serve Millions of Consumers

I wrote this Letter to Further Expose the Complete fraud of

The state Government in Sacramento California

The Consumers of California would like to know where our Taxpayer Subsidized E85 Fuel is at ??????

I wrote the state of California and they as of Yet have not replied

They are Ducking and Dodging many issues these days,

Including Where is all the States revenue ????????

Why did you Bankrupt the state of California when you sat there 4 days a week(They only work 4 days a week) and looked at this HUGE deficit !

Yet did nothing about it:nuts:

Here is Roberts response on why Politically Green California has " No E85"


Assuming you want to know the truth, there are two major issues with E85 in California. The first is the contradiction of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the California Energy Commission (CEC). Blenders cannot meet the fuel specification for both, they have to choose one, which either leaves out financial incentive or compliance. As you can imagine, neither is a great option. On top of that, each of the retail locations are classified as "research" facilities that have to be first approved and then have outrageous reporting requirements that normal gas stations do not have. The next issue is the extreme restrictions on vehicles in California. Most automakers cannot meet them producing flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs), and it has not only discouraged production in your state, but nationwide. In fact, one automaker is saying that these restrictions could cause the end of flex-fuel vehicles in the near future.


Robert White, Director of Market Development
Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)

In other words the " Bull Shitters in Government
Located In Sacramento California

Have created So much " Red Tape" That Californians couldn't be "Green even if they wanted to":nuts:

Write them to ask them why they Bankrupted the state,

These people are completely F.O.S:nuts:

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All government panels/commissions/boards that have anything to do with energy, environment or climate are scams designed to produce disinformation. The lie is repeated over and over by the puppet media and the "stupid majority" in this country eat it up like fact... :laughing:

Yeah these people are extremely Dishonest and Corrupt

They don't seem to realize how transparent they are to the rest of the world :nuts:
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