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As some may know; for about a year now TCE has been producing a "Caliper Kit" for the stock rotor on your C6 to replace the factory caliper. Why you ask? Because for many track day users the hassle of dealing with and the cost associated with the stock pads is simply too much.

TCE offers you a direct replacement Wilwood W6A caliper kit that replaces that funky pad set up with an easily serviced and more cost effective 'conventional' design.

Normally this kit retails for (only) $1395 and includes calipers, pads, brackets, and hoses. But....I have secured one set of the early production W6A calipers with the fat outer body and fully milled Wilwood logo for some lucky buyer. One of them is my former 'mock up' part and displays a couple of minor scratches but has not been put into service ever.'s the deal:

W6A Front Caliper Kit; all inclusive, in black, shipped to your door for $1200. (us sale only) No optional color, and ss pistons as supplied. Optional track pads also available at 20% off with order. *rotors not included.

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