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Hello gang

I’m trying to get the front pump back on my TH350C for my 81 corvette but the bush I got for the front pump doesn’t fit or I’m not understanding something. I’ll try and add a video at the bottom to show how much play it has when slipped over the stub of the torque converter.
I notice it is very slightly elliptical when offered up to the hole on the front pump plate. If I where to install this bush does it change shape and then will fit the torque converter snuggly? (I know not a bushing principle I have heard of but hears for wishful thinking)

The old bush I knocked out is a noticeably tighter fit than the new one when slipped over the torque converter stub

So is this yet another case of **** part, or am I missing something? Im assuming my torque converter stub isn’t worn or the old bush would be a sloppy fit, but it’s snug.
It’s hard to tell from the screen shot below but this is the new bush that you can wiggle easily with your hand and demonstrate maybe .5mm of slop/play

part number for this is ATP CB-4. I have a equivalent Pioneer #755043 coming to see if it’s a better fit but for now this one bush is holding up a chain of events that would see me put the engine on the frame

ATP themselves told me those are the two part numbers that they list and they should be identical in spec, they weren’t very helpful other that just emailing me those two numbers (I already had the first one)

Anyway, another day another issue
Any tips

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