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I like it! :devil:

****ed up? :rolling: Nope! just good politics!

The outgoing libs have no right to push their failed agenda. Nice move Cons. :cheers:

Add in the fact that yesterday's Obobo's meeting of the minds was a joke. Have an all day meeting to decide how to hire others to make the decisions that the people sitting in the room are suppose to actually make? :crazy: And then call it a good meeting? :rolling:

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Yeah, I can see where you would think that blocking all legislation until it's properly funded is, as you say, "fooked up". It just isn't in the Democratic playbook to even attempt to be fiscally responsible. After all, it's all someone else's money, isn't it? :rolleyes:

And I don't think the outgoing (thank you, God) Democratic congress has to worry about leaving their stamp on Congress. Even if we couldn't see it, we could smell it.

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WASHINGTON – Senate Republicans threatened Wednesday to block virtually all legislation until expiring tax cuts are extended and a bill is passed to fund the federal government, vastly complicating Democratic attempts to leave their own stamp on the final days of the post-election Congress.


Party of "NO"

Did you even bother to read your own source?

You do realize that this threat applies to the Lame Duck session, and not to the upcoming 2011 Legislative session, right?

There are four items considered important legislative items on the Congressional Agenda (in the Senate):

Extending the Bush Tax Cuts
Preparing a 2011 Budget
the DREAM Act
replacement of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy

It seems very reasonable that of those four items, the two at the top of the list are the most important. Are you claiming that you don't agree with that assessment? Do you honestly believer that passing the DREAM Act is a better way for our Senators to spend time than working out an extension of the current tax rates? Really?

And how come the DREAM Act had to wait until now? The President, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi could have introduced this legislation at any time over the past TWO legislative sessions - yet chose not to. Why not? If this is such a vital act that it must be examined and voted on now, then why did it wait? It wasn't time sensitive - this has been on the radar screen for many left wing Hispanic groups for quite some time - but they didn't do anything about it before, and NOW it's important.

With respect to the DA-DT policy, it seems to me that this could also wait. We've had this policy since the early 1990's, and it has to be rectified NOW? In December? It can't wait for the next term? Really?

So - yes, the Republicans got it right. When the ship of state is fiscally troubled, it is time to put on the big boy pants and deal with it. We need to know what the 2011 tax rates are going to be, we need to know if there is room to make a deal, and we need to have a budget in place. You aren't supposed to worry about polishing the brightwork when the ship is sinking.

Seems to me that the only thing really 'fooked up' around here is your priorities regarding the Lame Duck session. Maybe you welcome an increase in your tax rates starting in January - I know that I don't! It's gonna be real money for me!

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