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I loosened the engine mounts and adjusted my transmission tail so that it points straight back and not towards the passenger side wheel. I had to massage the tunnel a little to make room for the tailshaft yoke.
I shimmed the rear transmission mount so that the trans almost hits the floorpan, it points 2 degrees down, that's as good as it gets without cutting the tunnel.

Then I measured the differential input yoke... it was pointing 2 degrees down.

The trans and the differential yokes both pointing down is not a good thing....

I cut the differential poly mount and raised the front of the 'pumpkin' so that it's straight or pointing 1 degree 'up'.... can't really see a whole lot under the car, if I had a lift I'd probably try to get the alignment even better...

Anyways.... I took it for a test drive and it's AWESOME :thumbsup: :cheers:

No signifficant vibration :partyon:

The bad news is:
I only got an 'el cheapo' bastard U-joint 1310 to 1330 at the rear of the driveshaft... that's all they had at NAPA..... I'll have to replace that with a solid joint....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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