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The C6 will be unveiled in one month. So, inevitably a flood of C6 info will be available on the web and posted here... it's going to come fast, it's going to be hotttt. Beyond our sources and spies, we welcome ANY links to news sites, web sites, photographs or whatever you may find that has genuine C6 info.

I've come up with these suggestions so everyone can get the most out of this section.


You will need to be a registered member at to see full size C6 pictures in the gallery. Might as well register now if you haven't already. Click "register" from the top menu bar.


If there is some stunning news or pictures available between now and then, we'll send out a broadcast e-mail to all members. If you do not wish to receive these e-mails, click "USER TOOLS" from the menu bar, then click "EDIT OPTIONS". Find the line that says "Allow Bulletin Board Administrators and Moderators To Send You Email Notices" and turn that to "no".


If you are just posting C6 photos in a thread, if you could please indicate the source of those photos, that would be great. We are a honorable web site, and want to make sure the right people get recognition.


Because a link here could result in a flood of traffic for a small site, it could make the site unreachable or shut down because they exceeded their bandwidth.

To avoid this from happening, you should upload the pics to the gallery so they are local, but YOU MUST give detailed credit to where the pictures came from (original website) and a link if possible. I'm sure they'll appreciate us absorbing the pics and not hammering their site. I'll do my best to send out e-mails and inform their webmasters and get approval after-the-fact.

Additionally, any text that is copied/pasted should credit the original source.

Example subject lines:

. Subject: Article on colors from Autoweek
. Subject: Cool article on C6 Z51 option in Feb-04 Motor Trend
. Subject: Here are the C6 color codes
. Subject: Rumor - Orange is a dark orange.

Be as descriptive as possible! Subject lines like "C6 info" or "Did you see this" will be renamed to help organize information.


It only takes 30 seconds to look at the last 10 threads or so to make sure it hasn't been posted. Anything that is a dupe will just be removed. Things will be hopping around here, we may not have time to send you an e-mail and explain why it was removed. It may just vanish.


We have done everything we can recently to performance tune the site code and the server. Our server has handled as many as 880 people online at once. We feel it can now handle 1000-1200 members online at any given time without a problem.

We should be able to handle a MILLION hits per day. We'll have a team of technical people behind the scenes 24x7 to insure the site remains fast and that their are no problems.

In the event the server starts falling over itself because it's being crushed with traffic (particulary from other websites linking to our pics), we may need to turn off the site for 10 minutes here or there so it can catch it's breath.

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