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should be getting another 06 in september....and like most other c6 owners i think about what i want to do to my car to make it my own...well i am going to do just that. Its not everything at once..but damn close!

well finally got through to kevin from lingenfelter (he said they were having a bit of a phone problem, hence my other thread) and we talked it up for about 45 min! He is obviously a real nice guy and i decided right after i get it.... i will be taking a nice little trip up to LPE for their 427 package

alone this engine produces 550 BHP / 560 lbs-ft of torque (HOLY TORQUE BATMAN!)

but the end result will be higher but still unsure since while it is being built instead of the ls2 stuff i went with ported LS7 heads/intake/throttle body/mass air and their GT19 Cam ...also not in the number equation is the higher compression (11.5:1) and longtubes which will be installed at the same time


Engine removal, inspection and disassembly
Custom LS7 aluminum block preparation
JE forged aluminum pistons
Callies 4.000" stroke forged steel crankshaft
Manley 6.125" fully machined, 4340 forged steel connecting rods
Computer balanced rotating assembly
ARP 8740 premium grade head studs
High volume oil pump assembly
LS7 heads
Lingenfelter porting & polishing LS7 heads (30+ cfms more on exhaust)
Lingenfelter multi-angle valve job & surfacing for 11.5:1 compression
Ferrea high performance dual valve springs, titanium retainers & valve locks
Lingenfelter ZO6 GT19 camshaft by Comp Cams (227/239 .678/.688 114)
Lingenfelter High Flow C6 ZO6 Air Induction & 4" diameter Lingenfelter Mass Air Sensor
Port Matched LS7 intake manifold
Ported and polished LS7 throttle body
Properly sized fuel injectors
Reassembly and blueprinting of the engine
Professional installation, testing and tuning
Stainless steel exhaust by Corsa Performance - 4 tip sport system
ASP Underdrive Pulley
American Racing Longtubes Headers (offroad)
twin disk clutch
and a few more small goodies
Chassis dyno testing after installation
Lingenfelter 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty

should be a beast...well i guess it should be for the money i will be shelling out!

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Wanna loan me a couple bucks so I can copy you? That is going to be a sweet ride!

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well after this ....hopefully i have a few left over bucks! but i am lucky to have a girl who also pulls in a pretty penny and wants me to have this vette almost as much as i do haha......early estimates are around 25K...but i want something different..i would love to have more than z06 power and especially torque with a targa top

should be fun
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