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Right-Wing Billionaire Koch Schmoozes New Congress On Day One

Oil billionaires Charles and David Koch, the richest brothers in America, spent millions making sure the Republicans took back the House at the midterm elections. The conservative nonprofit David founded, Americans for Prosperity, spent an unrivaled $45 million on the election cycle — more than three times the budget of the Democratic Governors Association.

The newly elected Republicans at the opening of the 112th Congress yesterday had a chance to thank one of their wealthiest benefactors in person. Lee Fang of liberal blog Think Progress reports that David Koch was on hand to see the results of his massive spend, attending John Boehner’s swearing-in ceremony and then hosting a party for a handful of new members, including freshman Congressman Frank Guinta of New Hampshire, elected with the help of the Tea Party.

Koch’s lobbyists aren’t wasting any time getting to know the 112th Congress either, according to Fang:

“ThinkProgress witnessed a group of Koch Industries lobbyists entering the Capitol along with members of Congress and their families. Tim Phillips, a former business partner to Jack Abramoff who now leads the Koch front group Americans for Prosperity, was with Nancy Pfotenhauer, a former corporate lobbyist for Koch Industries.”

Later this month, the Koch brothers will join other super-rich power players at a Koch Industries-organized strategy session, planning ahead for the 2012 elections. In October, Charles Koch sent a letter inviting potential donors to a four-day retreat in Palm Springs. He cited the attendees from his last meeting, which reads like a Who’s Who of Forbes 400 power players: Phil Anschutz, Blackstone’s Steve Schwarzman, Amway’s Rich DeVos, Citadel’s Ken Griffin, and Ken Langone, Home Depot’s original investment banker.

Much has been written about the oil and gas billionaire Koch brothers and their multimillion-dollar donations to right-wing causes. Charles and David Koch’s combined $43 billion wealth has made them virtually unstoppable this election cycle; even prolific left-wing philanthropist George Soros recently said he was powerless against the “avalanche” of donations from conservative billionaires like the Kochs."

I thought you guyz said that the dems were richer than the pubs....:huh:

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