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Our long tube step design coated for C5, C6 and Z06 is 10% off plus free shipping till the end of the month. Reg 1450.00 now 1300.00 and free ground shipping.

Dyno results and customer testimonials are on our website.

BREATHLESS PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS- Through Our Endless Effort and Continuous Testing of Other Brands of Headers We Came Up With Some Changes That We Felt Necessary.

This Custom Header Has a Step Design, which starts at 1.3/4 and gets larger to 1.7/8 to Produce Increased Velocity Which in Turn Produces Higher and flatter Torque Figures throughout the rpm range. We also incorporated a velocity tip inside the collector to increase air speed.

Collectors are 3'' Instead of 2.1/2

We Fully Jet Coat Our Headers Inside and Out.
Dyno results have shown between 19 to 36 HP gains.

There were several tests. One test with headers without Cats, then another without Cats and Corsa Indy exhaust on a 02

Next tests were done on Les's car, which is posted on, which it was just the header.

We have been using them in our Pro Mod and Pro Street cars.

I will read you an article in Circle Track Mag Jan 2002 Exhaustive Choices By Jim McFarland.

Tuning Straight vs. Stepped Headers Primary Pipes

Note. Pressure excursions in header primary pipe may be compared to simple harmonic motion of spring/weight system. Just as weight oscillates up and down with amplitude and frequency related to specific weight and spring constant, pressure waves transverse pipes in a similar fashion. Since wave velocity is a function of pipe I.D a change in diameter affects the amplitude and frequency of wave movement similar to change in spring/weight values. Since peak torque9volumetric efficiency) is associated with specific exhaust gas flow rates, the sizing of the primary pipe diameter affects the wave speed9engine RPM0 at which these critical or "mean Flow" velocities. Stated another way, the sizing of the primary pipe can be used as a tool to selectively influence where in the rpm range torque boosts are placed or influenced. Step headers are used to help increase the engine's effective torque range.

This is the reason we are the only header manufacture to develop HP and Torque in the low to mid range and keep it all the way up on a stock engine.

We will continue to show dyno results emphasizing the change in HP and Torque in all rpm ranges. We are the only manufacture to use the step design, Velocity tips inside the collector, 3'' collectors and a removable collector for easy service work of the clutch or engine.

Please call us direct to go over this in greater detail

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