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The following is a list of the top Great Lakes Corvette Challenge top 10 points holders! This is based on Race 4, 5, and 6. These are in order of points and using the Tie-breaker system as of 10/10/03.

Panzer Bill 7
John from Glenview 6
Mckiou Kevin 6
Languell Bret 5
Peterson Mike 5
Tomlinson Matt 4
Reese John 4
Horne Don 3
Joe Soto 2

As we all know, we run our points system the same way as the guys at on the East Coast. Basically, you earn a point for staging your Corvette in the first round of a Corvette Challenge race event and you get an additional point for each round you win. You also earn a point for registering your GLCC number with the (paying the $10 fee for registering your number).

*Race 1 was a non-points race.
*Race 2 points are NOT posted because it has not been completed yet.
*Race 3 was cancelled due to the rain.

If you have any questions regarding your point, or have spotted an error, please send me an Email at [email protected].

As you can see….the season championship is TOTALLY up for grabs!!!! Remember that several drivers have points from Race 2 that are NOT included here. Guys like Bubblehead, Loudmouth and bluebyyou2002c5 and Patrick have lots of points from race 2 that could prove to be important later.

A more complete List will be added after I talk to Tim on how to post it!
See ya at the track on October 19th!

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This is how we run the points, I have copied this directly from the site on the east coast. I have the points on an excel sheet on my laptop for now and plan to post soon! This is how it works out east and we do our BEST to follow the same format!

2003 Points information
The 2003 East Coast Corvette Challenge, points will be kept by Raceway Park. You MUST sign up for points if you wish to compete for the Championship. You do not have to sign up for points to participate but you do have to sign up for points to be eligible for POINTS prizes. The 2003 East Coast Corvette Challenge is a part of the Raceway Park Sunoco Saturday Points Series.
If you plan on competing in the Raceway Park Points Series for 2003 the points will be as follows;
1.By signing up for points by the first point's day you will receive 1 point.
2.By staging your car in the first round of eliminations, you will receive 1 point.
3.For each round you win during eliminations, you will receive 1 point.
4.Tie breaker positions are as follows
1.Number of elimination wins
2.The rating point system will be in effect. At the end of each race, you will be assigned a number based on what position you are in (or tied for). That number will be represented as a negative number next to your total points. This rating system rewards drivers who end up tied but have maintain higher rankings throughout the season as the lowest negative number will come first. For example if in the first week you finish first, you will be assigned a -1. The following week you are in 3rd place you will be assigned a -3. Your total negative number will be -4. If a driver finished in fourth place (-4) week one and then first in week 2 (-1) and you both have the same number of points, you will win the tie breaker because you have a -4 vs. his -5. Confused, email me and I can try to explain better [email protected].
3.A Run-off on the last day of Points.

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Revised points as of 10/16/03

1 Panzer Bill 8
2 John from Glenview 6
3 Mckiou Kevin 6
3 Languell Bret 6
4 Peterson Mike 5
5 Tomlinson Matt 5
6 Reese John 4
7 Ed Myers
8 Horne Don 3
9 Joe Soto 2
10 Thomason Mike 2
11 De Buhr Jeff 2
12 Stegen Jimmy 2
13 Evans Mike 2

I also have 14 racers (listed by numbers)
that have between 1 and 5 points to gain when we complete GLCC race 2 at (the rain out race) Byron before we start the Finals!!!


I reserve the right to make corrections if there are errors!
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