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thinking about useing stock connecting rods? in your next high performance engine?
well Id think harder if the hp level is intended to run over about 450hp or the rpm levels might exceed about 4000 feet per minute in piston speed! sure theres lots of guys doing it....but your better off not running the risk of rod/rodbolt failure, theres MUCH better options

the stock conecting rods were orriginally rated at between 400- 450 hp, I personally don,t trust them quite that high,on average, ESPECIALLY since a good set of FORGED (H) style rods with 7/16" ARP rod bolts,

can be purchased for about $300-$900 that are at least twice as strong

all make rods that are at least slightly stronger and in most cases vastly stronger than chevys (X) rods
keep in mind its RPMS more than peak hp that cause the rods to fail and they mostly fail on the exhaust stroke where they don,t compress the cylinder volume to lower the load on the rod bolts as the piston plays crack the whip on the end of the rod.
a 3/8 rod bolt has a cross sectional area of close to .1106 sq inches
a 7/16 rod bolt has a cross sectional area of close to .1505 sq inches
thats a 36% larger area, now if the rod bolt steel holds 180,000psi thats a 7182 ft lb advantage in strength well worth the slight extra costs, plus the (H) style rods them selves are normally stronger and lighter and they tend to have greater clearance between the outer rod dimension and the block ,for less machine work when building stroker motor.
things to read and Compression in Connecting Rods VI.htm
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