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Thumpy Thumpy Thumpy the sound of the new engine

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Well I am truly pumped!!!! I got to hear the New engine start up for the 1st time. OH MAN DID I PITCH WOOD I yelled so loud everyone I work for thought I broke my leg LOLOL I wish I was actually there in the shop to listen to it, but I tell you what half way around the world on a telephone it sounded awesome!!!! I was thinking the idle characteristics where going to be more dramatic (the complete roller assembly helps this a lot) but it definitely has the thumpy thumpy thumpy you can tell from a completely stock exhaust it has a monster in there, and man the throttle response is insane never heard anything like it in my life I can't wait to drive this when i come home 1st of June. Maybe next vacation i will have the motor broke in and have the turbos turbos installed. any way here are some pic i will point out some thing to you, you may not catch at first glance

the old motor

does anyone like HoGGGing?????

jezel shaft mount roller rockers, valve train stability at high rpms is good!

Hey their studs here and they are larger than normal??? lets get ready to BOOST!!!

ported out heads of AFR 225, new water pump, and tensioner s

Do you see the spacers?? stock valve covers could not hide the Jezels shaft roler rockers.
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Congratulations...looks sweet
Oh hell no you didn't :spanked: Wheres the sound clip???:devil:
don't worry i will have plenty of video and sound clip once i get back to the states, remeber i am on the otherside of the world right now.
That's got to be great feeling even though you aren't there. Congrats.:thumbsup:
Absolutely badass:partyon: :partyon:

Can't wait to hear that beast!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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