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I wanted to give you a quick update on the Tiger Shark Body Kit.


The manufacturer reports that some of the first pieces of the body kit have been completed, and the quality is what they expected, only the highest quality.

The carbon fiber hood is still behind by about one month, but coming along great. They assure me that the hood will be perfect when it's ready for sale.


If you'd like to see a pre-production picture of the carbon fiber version of the hood, take a look at the cover of Corvette Fever magazine! It may still be on newsstands.


Some of you asked if you can drive the car in rain with the hood. The answer is "YES!" At this point, we do not have any specifics on how this system works, but we have been informed by the manufacturer that the hood has a water management system to keep the water away from the engine and any electronics.


The rear fascia comes with new rear tail lamps, just the inners with the white and the wire jumper for the connection.

The front fascia includes all the screens and hardware needed for the install. The front fascia still uses your stock marker-lamps. No wiring needed. If you have fog lights on your car now, you will need the Fog Lamp Kit which consists of a relocation bracket and screens with openings. (Note: it does not include fog lights.)

The Fog Lamp Kit will be sold along with the rest of the body kit. The MSRP of the Fog Lamp Kit is $159.95.


I've been asked if the SLP Loudmouth exhaust is compatible with the rear fascia. The manufacturer is researching this for me, and I will let the interested parties know the answer as soon as I have this information.

If you would like to be added to our Tiger Shark Body Kit Update mailing list which includes more information, please send an e-mail with your request to [email protected].


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I really like the front fascia. Next on my to-do list. Shhhh don't tell the wife. ;)
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