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Tim Lynch 2010 World Record Pass [email protected]

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It may be a re-post

But en case you havn't seen it

Wheelie Run

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WOW:thud::thud::thud: That is just amazingly BADASS:partyon::partyon:
That car gets Down

That wheelie run on the last one is Badd Azz !

Dunno how much ZR1 corvette you got left there thoe lol
This car BOOM's Mann :nuts:
In the shakedown vid, I like how the guy goes over and wipes the rear left panel just before the tree lights... hehe
Post of the Day right here

you better get chu some !
RIGHT ON!!:partyon:

The Wheelie Run was spectacular.:thumbsup:
Did the Camaro break something or just say **** it? :laughing:
Did the Camaro break something or just say **** it? :laughing:

It looks like the LMR camaro

Which is obviously a very fast car

He probably had a mechanical Disfunction

LMR is located in Texas and they build some pretty fast Corvettes as well:nuts:

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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