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Man Gets Lost Ring Back for Second Time
Wednesday, October 10, 2007 5:20:03 AM

John Carney was dumping a load of brush at the local waste transfer station last week when he noticed a man's gold wedding band partially buried in the sand.

Intrigued by the "Ed and Linda" and "June 9, 1996" engravings inside the band, Carney decided to do some detective work.

With the help of local librarians, the 57-year-old South Deerfield man went through the Deerfield town report for 1996 and looked up weddings. He found a listing for Ed and Linda LaCoille on June 9 of that year.

Last week, he returned the ring to the LaCoilles' house. Ed Lacoille had lost the ring more than six months ago.

"I never expected to find it again," Linda LaCoille said. "It was amazing."

It was the second time in just over a year the ring has been returned after being lost. Ed LaCoille said he lost the same band at a lake in Maine while on vacation. He left a note at the lake house for future renters.

A couple of weeks later, the ring was returned by mail.

LaCoille said he recently lost weight, which may explain why the ring keeps slipping off his finger. He's keeping it in a box now until he can get it resized.

"The chance of it being found a third time is outrageous," he said.

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wear it on a chain around your neck. my Dad started doing that after his wedding band alsmost took his finger off when it got caught on a ladder.
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