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Assuming that neither your speedometor nor your tachometer were converted to electric, they are very basic mechanical devices.

For the speedemeter there will be a cable from back of it that connects to the transmission. It will probably consist of two cables that connect in your engine bay near the firewall. You could disconnect them and hook the cable inside to a drill and test your speedometer to make sure it's working. The cable should look like this: speedometer cable

If it's working, reconnect it. Now you'll need to check the end of the cable that connects to your transmission (is it auto or manual?). If you connect that end cable that goes to the transmission to your drill and the speedo still works, you'll probably need to pull out the speedo driven gear from your transmission and see if it's stripped. It should look like this but may have different colors:
speedometer driven gear

For the tachometer, it's the same cable as above, but only one of them, that connects directly to your distributor. Most likely the distributor drive gear is stripped inside the housing that your cable connects to. There's a distributor cross gear button inside there that was originally plastic that I believe is fairly common for it to break.

I hope that gets you started, I'm sure others with chime in with more detail.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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