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Speedo and tach should be cable driven and I would look at the cable and make sure it is connected to the gauges and the distributor and trans. If not you may need to connect them or replace the cables. Often if people swap to an HEI distributor they leave the tach disconnected.

The horn could be one of the contacts broke or there could be an issue with the horn relay.

The wipers are all electric. If the vacuum door has been removed there could be an issue with the switch the door triggers when it is open. There could also be an issue with the switch or even the wiper motor itself. If you have the time to pull the panel above the center gauges you can see if the switch is hooked up.

If the person pulled the turn signal switch to do the ignition lock that would have been broken or placed in incorrectly. If you check corvette FAQ or Google Jim Shea he has numerous papers on pulling the column apart.

Good luck with the troubleshooting!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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