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In order to help be as efficient as possible with relaying Corvette event information to all DigitalCorvettes members, we compiled a few tips on what can be done to increase visibility, awareness and accuracy.

1) Create a Strong Thread Title
In your thread title, please include the Name of the Event, the date and regional location.

Ex. "Maryland Corvette Gathering! [April 1, 2007] SE"

2) Check for Existing Threads
Browse of the forum to see if anyone else has created a thread on the same event. You can also use the "search" feature for a more thorough and direct method. By keeping to one thread, we will help to have all the information and discussion centralized in case of any updates or changes.

3) Update your Thread
Check in to see who is coming, needs directions, answer additional questions, or make event updates. Heck, sometimes we just need someone to remind us about it.


and who knows, may be you'll be able to make this Corvette Party

into this

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