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Top speed?

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I was just on "Warren S" website, and I saw this....

Now... how fast have you gone? I hit 160 in my black vette, 155 in the GS. Ran out of real estate.

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Got to 120 in the 91 and 140mph in the Z06. Also ran out of room but the Z06 was still pulling strong.
When my car was completey stock with the exception of the
B/B tri-flos I hit 170.
May be better this year 180 or 190 who knows.

;) :D
just to new so i'm not pushing my luck, kept it 125mph. maybe this spring i can raise the bar and top it out at 17?mph
i've been way toooo fast
135 in my ex 96 C4, but ran out of road & wife at the same time
162 MPH in the GS and I got my 94 up to 166 patrick said, ran out of Real Estate both times :D
I hit 161 mph in the '88. Obviously non stock.;)
I did 162 on the Jersey Turnpike once upon a time.

The picture from my web page has a video, i will post it soon.
I have seen 145 on the front straight @ RA. Just not enough straight away for me.
I never break the law,55 MPH is the law.
:) :) :)

Except that one time i ran to 166 MPH.

Had the GPS running when dueling with a Mustang on the interstate awhile back and it showed 126.5 when I played back the log file.
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Now thats a nice clear picture! Hope I still have my Vette at 119K miles.
For some reason I love speedometer pics.

I have decided against a "Corvette Speedometer Gallery" though, because I didn't want it to encourage people to keep "outdoing" each other.... :laughing:
warren s said:
Now thats a nice clear picture! Hope I still have my Vette at 119K miles.
That was almost 40K ago :D
More power to ya!

Great website! You really got alot of use out of your Vette.
That 14.1 at 104 would seem to indicate a loss of traction out of the hole. My old GTO ran a 14.6 at 107 until I put on some drag slicks., then a 12.88 at 110. (My stick shift days were a learning experiance.

Some of my Vette pics
My car does over 140 in 3rd gear at the track and is still pulling very hard with some gear left .... I had it up past 175 mph once in o/d with lots left. Not sure I want to go much faster.... but I want to be quicker :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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