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Torque Converter Lockup solenoid in TH350C

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Can anyone tell me OR have pictures of what pressure switch/housing connector terminals (each one has 2) that the RED/BLACK solenoid wire terminals connect to? Or how I can find out which one goes to where :smack

I was little stupid in my hurry and DIDN'T TAKE A PICTURE when I took it apart!!!!!
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The red wire on the solenoid (+) goes to the connector pin A
The black (-) will go to D
the black might also go to one side of the pressure switch and the other side of the switch to ground.
It matters because there is a diode across the solenoid coil.
get me a pic pf what you have, I may be able to figger it out from there. Do you have a good shop mnual? If so scan and post the pic on the TCC electrics in the tranny section
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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