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Totally improved C5

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I recently did a few things to my C5 and it is like I have a different ride! I installed a flush tailight mount kit with tailight seals which makes a subtle visual change to the rear. I swapped my Mallett 396 exhaust kit for the B&B Bulletts to my pre-existing Corsa X-pipe. I also installed Hawk brake pads which added to my pre-existing Baer Eradispeed cross drilled/slotted rotors. I also got a 4 wheel alignment with BF Goodrich gForce KDW (traditional tread) tires. WOW! I am totally pleased with the outcome.
I want to send a general thank you to all of my 'Corvette brothers' that have contributed your input in other threads, that I have searched for input. Especially those with comments about exhaust, including headers. Thanks again and I gotta go drive it some more...
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Very cool. Glad you like the way everything turned out! Any pics of that new rear?
You know the drill, break loose with a few picture when you stop driving.
No other mods on the way. I completed my list that accrued over the winter. I already have some other small stuff to include a K&N filter, B&M Ripper short throw shifter, and some other very mild cosmetic stuff. I like the car all black, although I considered some red brake calipers; but later veto'd 'em. I considered getting an '07 Z06 but I am so into this car, that it is a hard jump. I ordered this car brand new from Corvette Conti. (THE Corvette salesman) The 70K helps keep me where I am also...
I'll get the car all cleaned up and get it up on the lift and snap some shots and try to post them. Still new to this. I'll figure it out. Stay tuned...
I have tried to upload photos to this thread tonight and I keep getting "invalid file". I have downloaded photos to my "Corvette Photos" and even downloaded a video before. I have a Mac and had no problem before. Wazzup?
Sorry Folks. I took some photos with my digital camera tonight and tried to download them and I keep getting "invalid file". Unless I get some advice, 'it ain't gonna happen'.
What Hawk pads did you get and how do they compare to the stockers in stopping power?
your pics may not be approved yet. i have had the same problem before. it is easier to post pictures when you have two windows open the new post and the picture you are trying to post. copy the image URL and past it to the post and hit preview if you asee the picture you are go to go. hope this helps
Rooster: I got the Hawk HP Street Brake pads from West Coast Corvette. I didn't obtain any stock braking distance from 60 mph to compare to, but that would have been a good idea. I put on the Baer rotors first and noticed a huge difference in stopping distance. I haven't really jammed these brake pads yet; still breaking them in. I guess it is just a seat of the pants measurement.

Has anyone out there done a before and after stopping distance with stock pads and aftermarket?

Patrick: I'll pass on the nitrous. I don't do any official drag racing, so I don't feel that I would benefit from the short lived horsepower boost.
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