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Toys for Tots parade thru waikiki..[Nov 27th] then a huge show and shine

Heres a copy/paste from a friend of mines site,this is always the largest event of the year as every car club on the rock shows up,lowriders,import,vettes etc...
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OK, had a small meeting tonight to finalize this year's Toys For Tots Cruise. Seems like they are gonna step it up a schoshe from last year as the base commander for KMCB was very, very impressed with the car communities donations. So, for this year, we will meet up again at the Kapolei K-Mart parking lot at 10:00am, have a short driver's meeting to discuss rules and pass out the base passes, then roll out at 11:00am.

The base commander has given us the area surrounding Hangar 1 for a 3 hour show and shine. he has also provided us with a band, some USMC swag booth, and some food vendors. As with last year, Kokomo and his guys are asking us to leave as clubs and make our way to Kaneohe any way we'd like. As long as we get there by 12:00. It was reported we were the biggest donators of toys in last year's drive, so it would be great if we really surpassed last years totals.

I hope al of you can find the time to make it out to this event, but if life gets in the way, please find it in your hearts to buy some toys, and give them to someone who is going. Us Impala guys have pretty big trunks... hint, hint. All the clubs involved will also be funding some raffle giveaways, as part of the show and shine. Now, I'm not asking anyone for donations - I know how hard this economy is hitting us all - but, again, if you can find it in your heart to make a donation, I will do the legwork of getting a gift certificate to a certain speed shop on the island that has always supported us, and make sure it gets to Kokomo.
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