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I have a question for anyone that has set their TV cable adjustment successfully on their TPI engine…are these correct set procedures?

1. Locate “D” button on TV cable near throttle body
2. Push in cable and slide the adjustment back towards rear of engine
3. With engine off, push gas pedal in to WOT. The TV cable should click and slide forward.
4. And that’s pretty much it…

My problem is that when I push in the gas pedal, my TV cable adjustment doesn’t budge or move forward unless I press the “D” button in… doesn’t click forward on it’s own..

This isn’t normal is it? It’s a new cable.

Has anyone experience the same problem, and its ok for it not to move forward if it doesn’t need to? Does that make sense?

How far out did your cable click?

I had a carburetor on my car prior to my car and I def remember the cable click forward using these procedures…I just don’t want to be out of adjustment.

Thanks for any advice or help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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