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heres the siamess base, notice you lose at lower rpms and gain slightly at high rpms

first dyno run

now look at the ADVANTAGE THE LONG FREE FLOW RUNNERS of the stealth ram, HAVE OVER THE SIAMESE BASE. keep in mind they gained 16hp at 6000rpm by siamessing the base BUT THEY GAINED 39 ADDITION HP (total 56hp over the stock TPI) WITH THE STEALTH RAM at 6000 rpm and went on to gain a total of 66 hp over the siamesed intake (total over the stock tpi is more than 100 hp at that point but thats really meaningless because the TPI stopped flowing any increased air at about 4700rpm......... yet youll have to admit a potential gain of 60-70hp gain over a stock intake aint bad for any intake swap

second dyno run
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