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I currently have a GM Tuned Port Injector on my '81 and due to some other modifications that I've done, it's starving for air.

I'm thinking of changing to the TPIS Mini-Ram

They say "Mini-Ram Intake Manifold

This fabulous new one-piece casting is ideal for the serious car nut. If used as a replacement over a stock Tuned Port intake, on a mild 350ci motor, you will see a 95+ HP gain. If you build the motor on the mild side, i.e. small cam and some porting, 125+ HP is very possible. If you go on the wild side you will be able to exceed any single four barrel power numbers, all with greater driveability and economy.

Installs on existing TPI vehicles with just our Fuel Rail Kit and Level VI Prom. Use the Mini-Ram to replace and out-perform any carbureted system, just add our Wire Harness. (And the rest of the relays and sensors.) You will end up with a system that was designed by the best engineers in the world.

It has self diagnostic capabilities, will run in the closed loop, open loop, and the limp home mode. Use either a mass air sensor or as a Speed/Density system. These systems have a knock sensor to protect the engine in case you get a load of bad fuel, and an oxygen sensor that will give the computer the information it needs for the best possible overall performance, mileage, power, idle quality and starting. All electronic components have either a Delco or a Bosch part number. This means you can purchase the component parts from any GM dealer or any of the major parts store chains. The system also retains the ALDL for ease of diagnosis, and does not require any field adjustments. Let us put a system together for you.

We have been driving this manifold for over ten years. It has wonderful throttle response, delivers more torque from 2000 to 2700 RPM than a stock or modified TPI, and gives a great rush of power from 3500 RPM to 6500 RPM.

Their site

Any one know anything about this setup??
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