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The World Trade Organization on Wednesday slammed Boeing's massive state subsidies to the detriment of rival Airbus in a hitherto undisclosed judgement, the French government said in a statement

"This report gives enormous satisfaction to French and European aerospace and preserves jobs and the future of this industry," Ecology and Transport Minister Jean-Louis Borloo said in a statement.

"Without going into the details, the summary of the panel's conclusions criticises the massive subsidies received by Boeing which violate WTO rules and finds in favour of the essence of the European Union's complaint."

Advertisement: Story continues belowObservers hope that the WTO judgement issued Wednesday but not yet made public will help end the long-running battle between the European Commission and the United States over Boeing and Airbus funding.

The WTO issued a ruling in June that criticised state subsidies given to Europe's Airbus, which the Commission has said only provides half the picture.

"This report puts us back on a level playing field a few months after another panel concluded their existed European subsidies to Airbus far smaller than those that Boeing received," Borloo said.

Airbus and the Commission hope the Boeing ruling will now lead to a negotiated solution.

About 23 billion US dollars of subsidies for Boeing were masked as defence research, Brussels claimed.

Under WTO rules, the interim ruling is meant to be held confidential until the global trade body publishes the full report by its panel of dispute settlement arbitrators.

This **** is gettng old....:down:

"About 23 billion US dollars of subsidies for Boeing were masked as defence research, Brussels claimed."


That's for our new shuttle and unmanned bombers. :thumbsup:
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