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(4:48:52 PM) You have just entered room "Chat 7514915664074790807."
(4:48:58 PM) RCesak has entered the room.
(4:49:06 PM) Moodvette1976 has entered the room.
RCesak (4:49:13 PM): cool
(4:49:18 PM) JonVoitsLebaron has entered the room.
(4:49:42 PM) crustycuda has entered the room.
RCesak (4:49:46 PM): whats going on everyone
(4:49:54 PM) ChiMan60440 has entered the room.
digitalcorvettes (4:49:56 PM): Heya! Just setting up the chat and sending out the invites....
Moodvette1976 (4:49:57 PM): hello
digitalcorvettes (4:50:00 PM): heya
crustycuda (4:50:14 PM): Hello
digitalcorvettes (4:50:21 PM): I figure I'd start it early, I'm getting crushed with AIM windows!
Moodvette1976 (4:50:54 PM): thanks
digitalcorvettes (4:50:56 PM): It's snowing like crazy here in chicagoland. might get 9" ,,, not Corvette weather.
RCesak (4:51:16 PM): yea but the ram charger loves it
digitalcorvettes (4:51:41 PM): i love mashing the SUV gas and smoking people in the snow.
digitalcorvettes (4:51:56 PM): That landrover hooks and pulls like the pavement is dry.
Moodvette1976 (4:52:43 PM): anyone watching
RCesak (4:53:04 PM): nice
RCesak (4:53:07 PM): watching what?
digitalcorvettes (4:53:26 PM): it's up now. says 7:15 Easter Time.
Moodvette1976 (4:53:40 PM): the GM came on with some "other" stuff just as the chart room opened
digitalcorvettes (4:53:43 PM):, lower left corner
Moodvette1976 (4:54:12 PM): talked a little about the new GTO
digitalcorvettes (4:54:41 PM): I like that car.
digitalcorvettes (4:55:45 PM):
Moodvette1976 (4:55:48 PM): should be EZ to mod and make go.
digitalcorvettes (4:56:01 PM): Yep. Does it have the LS1 or LS2 ?
Moodvette1976 (4:56:16 PM): LS1...i believe
digitalcorvettes (4:56:21 PM): is it out yet?
Moodvette1976 (4:56:44 PM): first one delivered a few weeks ago to some big pontiac dealer in chicago
JonVoitsLebaron (4:56:51 PM): ive been wanting to check one out bad
Moodvette1976 (4:56:55 PM): got a friend in florida dsays he has seen some
digitalcorvettes (4:57:05 PM): brb ... gotta check something on the server
Moodvette1976 (4:57:29 PM): haven't seen any here....SSR just coming around here (wichita)
Moodvette1976 (4:58:09 PM): one or two on the streets...6-8 at dealerships.
Moodvette1976 (4:58:26 PM): $10,000 over sticker....crazy IMO
RCesak (4:58:52 PM): the SSR is pretty cool
RCesak (4:59:00 PM): we sold the one we got as soon as it came in
RCesak (5:00:00 PM): I dunno if this webcast is going to work for me or not my pc is slow and so is my internet connectrion
Moodvette1976 (5:01:55 PM): how much???.. over sticker???
digitalcorvettes (5:02:53 PM): you'll be fine. you can pick a low bandwidth version.
(5:03:17 PM) CF Vette80 has entered the room.
(5:03:20 PM) elre V 07 has entered the room.
digitalcorvettes (5:03:21 PM): there is a button that says "change speed"
CF Vette80 (5:03:22 PM): howdy
digitalcorvettes (5:03:24 PM): welcome!
elre V 07 (5:03:25 PM): hello
elre V 07 (5:03:30 PM): thank you
CF Vette80 (5:03:33 PM): <--punk boy
elre V 07 (5:03:46 PM): excellent
elre V 07 (5:03:53 PM): I am same name
elre V 07 (5:03:57 PM): I am so excited for tonight
ChiMan60440 (5:04:05 PM): I am
elre V 07 (5:04:07 PM): however we all know what the car looks like
digitalcorvettes (5:04:08 PM): yea? should be pretty cool.
elre V 07 (5:04:12 PM): I hope so.
digitalcorvettes (5:04:21 PM): Yea, but we might see something new...
elre V 07 (5:04:23 PM): i just hope the presentation works on my mac
CF Vette80 (5:04:24 PM): chiman do i need to bitchslap you?
elre V 07 (5:04:24 PM): true.
ChiMan60440 (5:04:31 PM): please
digitalcorvettes (5:04:31 PM): lol
digitalcorvettes (5:04:46 PM): How does our site look on the Mac? I know some macs have issues with our pull down menus
elre V 07 (5:05:04 PM): thats the only issue i have.
(5:05:34 PM) JAYBRD248 has entered the room.
digitalcorvettes (5:05:42 PM): I have a fix for it, just been a tad swamped.
elre V 07 (5:05:56 PM): i can understand with all that has been going on lately
elre V 07 (5:06:09 PM): i work at a chevy dealer, the hype there is absolutely amazing.
Moodvette1976 (5:06:12 PM): :cool:
digitalcorvettes (5:06:14 PM): I bet!
elre V 07 (5:06:19 PM): my boss had a chance to go see the c6 in vegas.
elre V 07 (5:06:24 PM): Loved it.
elre V 07 (5:06:55 PM): and confirmed the early boatshop pics as the real thing.
digitalcorvettes (5:07:02 PM): THE WEBCAST IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
digitalcorvettes (5:07:07 PM): THE WEBCAST IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
elre V 07 (5:07:11 PM): AHHH!
elre V 07 (5:07:14 PM): ill be back
ChiMan60440 (5:07:18 PM): is the webcast on?
digitalcorvettes (5:07:26 PM): Yes, just started.
CF Vette80 (5:07:36 PM): time to go downstairs...isn't it an hour early?
CF Vette80 (5:07:40 PM): is 6 here
Moodvette1976 (5:07:42 PM): what are they showing...not getting it here
digitalcorvettes (5:07:49 PM): Yes, they are talking about the show, it's live.
elre V 07 (5:08:04 PM): i cant get it on my mac:-(
digitalcorvettes (5:08:06 PM): They are talking about the Saab at the moment.
digitalcorvettes (5:08:10 PM): What???
Moodvette1976 (5:08:28 PM): who is talking
ChiMan60440 (5:08:29 PM): nothing here...what ya smokin Patrick
(5:08:40 PM) RCesak has left the room.
elre V 07 (5:08:58 PM): ok
digitalcorvettes (5:08:59 PM): I'm staring at the screen. No C6 yet, but the guy is talking.
Moodvette1976 (5:09:01 PM): I am guessing one of the old shows...I had one start a while ago
digitalcorvettes (5:09:06 PM): oh....
CF Vette80 (5:09:11 PM): time to go to the back in a few...
(5:09:14 PM) CF Vette80 has left the room.
digitalcorvettes (5:09:22 PM): k, go raid your parents PC... lol
digitalcorvettes (5:09:42 PM): February 26, 2004 will be the convert unveiling.
ChiMan60440 (5:09:46 PM): patrick, you happen to push the "next" button?
Moodvette1976 (5:10:00 PM): must have
ChiMan60440 (5:10:11 PM): yep...must have
digitalcorvettes (5:10:37 PM): I did. I'm a dork. :-(
digitalcorvettes (5:10:48 PM): lol
ChiMan60440 (5:10:49 PM): lol
Moodvette1976 (5:10:54 PM): :-\
Moodvette1976 (5:10:55 PM): lol
digitalcorvettes (5:11:02 PM): So, you guys ready for videos on the site?
ChiMan60440 (5:11:06 PM): got me excited
digitalcorvettes (5:11:17 PM): I always get you excited. ;-)
Moodvette1976 (5:11:22 PM): ready to kill
ChiMan60440 (5:11:24 PM): :-*
ChiMan60440 (5:11:36 PM): smart ass
elre V 07 (5:11:47 PM): heading to a windows PC, bbl
digitalcorvettes (5:11:54 PM): k
digitalcorvettes (5:12:11 PM): I am going to do screen captures of the unveiling.
digitalcorvettes (5:12:17 PM): :-*
Moodvette1976 (5:12:29 PM): cool
elre V 07 (5:12:48 PM): damn all im getting is a GM drive the future logo
elre V 07 (5:12:53 PM): how long did it take to get the feed to come thru
elre V 07 (5:13:02 PM): im on a highspeed connection here at school
digitalcorvettes (5:13:22 PM): After you click the link you should see a video box... you see that?
Moodvette1976 (5:13:25 PM): you should be on GMtv
Moodvette1976 (5:13:39 PM): on the left is a "tv:" with a GM logo
ChiMan60440 (5:13:40 PM): nothing playing elre
Moodvette1976 (5:13:43 PM): click that
Moodvette1976 (5:13:52 PM): not playing yet
digitalcorvettes (5:14:07 PM): But, you should see the "Corvette C6 Webcast begins....."
ChiMan60440 (5:14:14 PM): Patrick fat fingered the "next" button
digitalcorvettes (5:14:23 PM): lol!
Moodvette1976 (5:14:26 PM): yep
digitalcorvettes (5:14:30 PM): brb
Moodvette1976 (5:14:41 PM): 7:15 est
ChiMan60440 (5:14:41 PM): I did the same thing 15 min
(5:15:40 PM) CF Vette80 has entered the room.
elre V 07 (5:16:01 PM): yeah.
CF Vette80 (5:16:40 PM): anyone else hate windows XP?
elre V 07 (5:16:50 PM): all windows sucks:)
elre V 07 (5:16:58 PM): except for the fact that i cant view this
elre V 07 (5:17:27 PM): well in the fall when i get to drive one of these babies ill report back...:-D
elre V 07 (5:17:31 PM): I cant wait.
elre V 07 (5:17:47 PM): off the vette topic for one sec..what do you guys think of Colorado?
CF Vette80 (5:18:15 PM): looks awesome
ChiMan60440 (5:18:15 PM): love to it
elre V 07 (5:18:23 PM): hahha haha
elre V 07 (5:18:31 PM): its a great looking truck...however...:-(
CF Vette80 (5:18:31 PM): i'm impressed with the new Inline motors gm is putting out
(5:18:43 PM) JAYBRD248 has left the room.
elre V 07 (5:18:44 PM): oh the Inline 5 it great..
elre V 07 (5:18:44 PM): but...
elre V 07 (5:18:56 PM): the truck is more isuzu then Chevy.
ChiMan60440 (5:19:02 PM): ooops wrong subject
elre V 07 (5:19:02 PM): driving it feels japanese.
ChiMan60440 (5:19:06 PM): lol
elre V 07 (5:19:07 PM): the lock cylinder is japanese.
elre V 07 (5:19:22 PM): its a sideloaded front an isuzu...
elre V 07 (5:19:23 PM): oh well
elre V 07 (5:19:31 PM): still a nice truck
elre V 07 (5:19:38 PM): oh well, back to the windows comp to check it out
elre V 07 (5:19:38 PM): bye.
elre V 07 (5:19:42 PM): thanks guys.
Moodvette1976 (5:20:56 PM): doh!!
Moodvette1976 (5:21:02 PM): thanks for the idea
Moodvette1976 (5:21:09 PM): chat on one watch on the other
elre V 07 (5:21:15 PM): hahah.
Moodvette1976 (5:21:18 PM): got two side by side
elre V 07 (5:21:25 PM): i have no idea whats going on
digitalcorvettes (5:21:29 PM): bacl
(5:21:29 PM) gt427 has entered the room.
elre V 07 (5:21:38 PM): i cant get the cobalt vid to work...maybe i just wait till 715.
elre V 07 (5:21:44 PM): for the vette
elre V 07 (5:21:48 PM): i hope it streams..
elre V 07 (5:21:52 PM): i want to watch this.
gt427 (5:22:33 PM): still have a little while
elre V 07 (5:22:35 PM): ok we have a feed for other stuff.
elre V 07 (5:22:38 PM): later guys.
elre V 07 (5:22:40 PM): ill b e backl
digitalcorvettes (5:22:43 PM): ok!
digitalcorvettes (5:23:03 PM): Yep, I hope they painted one of those cars a new color! How can they unveil the same 2 cars?
(5:23:19 PM) Moodvette1976 has left the room.
elre V 07 (5:23:22 PM): haha
CF Vette80 (5:23:38 PM): doubt it pat
digitalcorvettes (5:23:50 PM): Oh well, maybe they'll smoke the tires or something.
(5:23:50 PM) LZrada has entered the room.
digitalcorvettes (5:23:59 PM): Heya
digitalcorvettes (5:24:09 PM): Man, it's still snowing here.
elre V 07 (5:24:26 PM): haha id love to see the vette
elre V 07 (5:24:35 PM): by the way, my dad is a vette specialist for chevy.
ChiMan60440 (5:24:37 PM): brb...have to use snowblower
digitalcorvettes (5:24:41 PM): lol
LZrada (5:24:45 PM): it is...we probably got about 6 inches.
digitalcorvettes (5:24:51 PM): where are you located?
gt427 (5:24:58 PM): c6 looks great
LZrada (5:25:01 PM): Naperville, IL
LZrada (5:25:10 PM): you?
digitalcorvettes (5:25:11 PM): I'm in Gurnee, IL. We have about 3".
elre V 07 (5:25:23 PM): Im in pittsburgh, hasnt stopped raining.
ChiMan60440 (5:25:25 PM): bolingbrook, about 6 or so
(5:25:28 PM) AwkmasterK has entered the room.
AwkmasterK (5:25:34 PM): hey guys
LZrada (5:25:36 PM): it seems to have about stopped here but hard to to tell...
AwkmasterK (5:25:37 PM): how do i watch the webcam thing
gt427 (5:25:40 PM): Just rain here in Connecticut
digitalcorvettes (5:25:43 PM):
digitalcorvettes (5:25:47 PM): lower left
AwkmasterK (5:25:54 PM): but i have to wait til 7pm right/
AwkmasterK (5:26:10 PM): cuz, when i click on the webcam link, it closes right away
LZrada (5:26:11 PM): only 35 minutes away.
digitalcorvettes (5:26:27 PM): well, you can get the screen up now.... never know if that server will get hammered....
ChiMan60440 (5:26:43 PM): make sure pop up blockers are off
digitalcorvettes (5:26:51 PM): yea, any web apps like that.
AwkmasterK (5:27:34 PM): gotcha working
AwkmasterK (5:27:44 PM): anyone here gonna order it right away?
digitalcorvettes (5:28:04 PM): I wish!
CF Vette80 (5:28:06 PM): if i had the money i would
AwkmasterK (5:28:29 PM): what do you drive now
CF Vette80 (5:28:49 PM): merc mystic
(5:29:15 PM) PortMgr198 has entered the room.
AwkmasterK (5:29:15 PM): 2002 C5
digitalcorvettes (5:29:34 PM): Mystic? What is that?
digitalcorvettes (5:29:42 PM): Does it read Tarot cars?
AwkmasterK (5:29:46 PM): haha
elre V 07 (5:29:48 PM): mystiquew
AwkmasterK (5:29:49 PM): meany
elre V 07 (5:29:53 PM): mystique.
gt427 (5:29:53 PM): has anybody got on yet?
digitalcorvettes (5:29:55 PM): lol ...
CF Vette80 (5:30:03 PM): got one what?
gt427 (5:30:17 PM): the live web cast
digitalcorvettes (5:30:29 PM): It's not "on", but it is there....
digitalcorvettes (5:30:38 PM): Go to ... lower left corner.
digitalcorvettes (5:30:44 PM): Wait... something is happening now.
digitalcorvettes (5:30:50 PM): It's loading something.
digitalcorvettes (5:30:58 PM): It's GM news....
(5:32:22 PM) Moodvette1976 has entered the room.
Moodvette1976 (5:32:33 PM): ok
Moodvette1976 (5:32:35 PM): thanks
digitalcorvettes (5:32:49 PM): brb...
Moodvette1976 (5:33:24 PM): k
(5:33:27 PM) RCesak has entered the room.
LZrada (5:33:36 PM): GMtv...thats as far as it goes at least for me....when you hit the enter button it just closes that window...for now at least...
gt427 (5:34:08 PM): me 2
ChiMan60440 (5:34:09 PM): lzrada...waht do you have open?
RCesak (5:34:20 PM): did it start yet?
ChiMan60440 (5:34:23 PM): i had to turn off blocker
Moodvette1976 (5:34:38 PM): go to the
Moodvette1976 (5:34:55 PM): look on the left for the small "button " for the webcast
LZrada (5:35:01 PM): I have a netscape browser open with a GMtv page..
LZrada (5:35:21 PM): thats what I got when I clicked on the link on the site.
gt427 (5:35:23 PM): disable google popup blocker if you run it
Moodvette1976 (5:35:33 PM): see the small tv with the gm logo
ChiMan60440 (5:35:40 PM): they might be limiting people...also diable google popup
(5:36:16 PM) C4movesyou has entered the room.
digitalcorvettes (5:36:30 PM): btb
digitalcorvettes (5:36:35 PM): brb <--- lol
AwkmasterK (5:36:45 PM): hey
AwkmasterK (5:36:52 PM): im watching th eother videos
C4movesyou (5:36:57 PM): Hi everyone.
AwkmasterK (5:36:58 PM): but no video, sound only
AwkmasterK (5:37:07 PM): anyone else able to see and hear both?
C4movesyou (5:37:19 PM): not yet, I'm on
Moodvette1976 (5:37:27 PM): i can watch the other vids...yes
C4movesyou (5:37:30 PM): Eastern Time Zone.
ChiMan60440 (5:37:34 PM): <--- sees all video and audio
CF Vette80 (5:38:07 PM): audio and video for what?
ChiMan60440 (5:38:14 PM): all but corvette...had to clarify
ChiMan60440 (5:38:34 PM): cars. etc
CF Vette80 (5:38:38 PM): to many things open to track everything...thanks chiman
ChiMan60440 (5:38:52 PM): :)
Moodvette1976 (5:38:56 PM): just GM logo on the corvette "tv"
(5:38:59 PM) JonVoitsLebaron has left the room.
ChiMan60440 (5:39:09 PM): yep
(5:39:33 PM) AwkmasterK has left the room.
CF Vette80 (5:39:40 PM):
(5:39:58 PM) PhenomSA24 has entered the room.
PhenomSA24 (5:40:06 PM): Howdy.
digitalcorvettes (5:40:10 PM): heya!
CF Vette80 (5:40:17 PM): howdy
LZrada (5:40:28 PM): same logo....I think I am on the same page as you guys now since switching to IE...Netscape provides different least it did for me.
RCesak (5:40:42 PM): I keep getting the scren that says it starts at 7:15 eastern
digitalcorvettes (5:40:44 PM): Do you see a commercial right now.
LZrada (5:40:51 PM): no
PhenomSA24 (5:41:15 PM): Can someone give me the page for the webcast?
ChiMan60440 (5:41:22 PM): cool thanks for the heads up LZ....
LZrada (5:41:31 PM): link on bottom left.
PhenomSA24 (5:41:39 PM): Thanks!
(5:42:25 PM) roxent has entered the room.
PhenomSA24 (5:43:03 PM): Okay, am I the only one who can't get the link to stay open?
Moodvette1976 (5:43:14 PM): RCesak (5:40:54 PM): I keep getting the scren that says it starts at 7:15 eastern....that's all that is on right now
(5:43:27 PM) YehDecka has entered the room.
YehDecka (5:43:32 PM): hey all
LZrada (5:43:32 PM): you running IE or netscape Phenom?
roxent (5:43:35 PM): Woohoo! Hey, y'all. Quick hello, and I'll be back in a few mins. This is Member GX624
PhenomSA24 (5:43:42 PM): I see. Mine starts to open a window then immediately closes
PhenomSA24 (5:43:47 PM): I have IE
PhenomSA24 (5:43:56 PM): Hey Decka
Moodvette1976 (5:44:11 PM): ie here
ChiMan60440 (5:44:12 PM): make sure to turn off pop up blockers
CF Vette80 (5:44:13 PM): <---punk boy
digitalcorvettes (5:44:19 PM): yep. turn off all web apps like that.
PhenomSA24 (5:44:49 PM): Okay, I think my Norton Internet Security has that feature....
RCesak (5:44:49 PM): ah
CF Vette80 (5:44:52 PM): popup blockers..i don't need no stinkin pop up guys must look at too much porn
digitalcorvettes (5:45:03 PM): lol .... yea, try
CF Vette80 (5:45:32 PM): yeah i know..that place is a pain...if you pay them 4 bucks a month you lose all the popups..i'll stick with the free ****
RCesak (5:45:33 PM): so how much longer till it is up
digitalcorvettes (5:45:38 PM): 30 mins
ChiMan60440 (5:45:40 PM): 30 min
CF Vette80 (5:45:48 PM): 30 min
digitalcorvettes (5:45:51 PM): 29.5 mins
digitalcorvettes (5:45:53 PM): lol
Moodvette1976 (5:46:03 PM): approx.....
RCesak (5:46:04 PM): ah
Moodvette1976 (5:46:05 PM): lol
CF Vette80 (5:46:06 PM): 29.25 min
digitalcorvettes (5:46:11 PM): copy cat.
digitalcorvettes (5:46:13 PM): :)
ChiMan60440 (5:46:15 PM): :p
PortMgr198 (5:46:19 PM): I have the webcast window open. Will it just start playing? I dont see a PLAY button
PhenomSA24 (5:46:20 PM): Ahhh, much better.
ChiMan60440 (5:46:40 PM): i will refresh just in case
PhenomSA24 (5:47:01 PM): Is it just me, or is the Cobalt a worked over Cavalier?
CF Vette80 (5:47:16 PM): didn't sit through all the talking
(5:47:16 PM) LZrada has left the room.
CF Vette80 (5:47:18 PM): to see
PhenomSA24 (5:47:36 PM): I just see the pic in the lower left corner
YehDecka (5:47:46 PM): the cobalt does have the side profile that the cavalier does
digitalcorvettes (5:47:48 PM): what pic?
C4movesyou (5:47:51 PM): Thank you to whoever emailed me and gave me this link. I appreciate it, and am looking forward to the unveiling! Thanks again!
digitalcorvettes (5:48:02 PM): It's was moi ....
(5:48:33 PM) LZrada has entered the room.
C4movesyou (5:48:37 PM): thanks . . . moi! :)
PhenomSA24 (5:48:40 PM): The Cobalt pic.
digitalcorvettes (5:48:44 PM): :-D
LZrada (5:48:50 PM): thanks....I keep getting bounced out.
LZrada (5:49:24 PM): the Cobalt pic is awesome.
YehDecka (5:49:53 PM): i like the coupe but not the sedan
PhenomSA24 (5:50:00 PM): I think it's a decent looking car, but it looks a lot like the Cavaleir.
PhenomSA24 (5:50:05 PM): Cavalier, even
YehDecka (5:50:15 PM): but i'm most disapointed on the ss version
Moodvette1976 (5:50:20 PM): desc from GM website...."Corvette inspired rearend"
YehDecka (5:50:35 PM): they said that about the impala too
Moodvette1976 (5:50:36 PM): looks like a redesign cav to me also
PhenomSA24 (5:50:53 PM): I can't see the rear, but I am watching the video right now
YehDecka (5:51:07 PM): it's a long video
PortMgr198 (5:51:22 PM): Anyone see the NYTimes article today about the C6?
PhenomSA24 (5:51:22 PM): I am getting some ghosting on the screen, too...
PhenomSA24 (5:51:51 PM): Yeah, they are talking about the H3 right now.
PortMgr198 (5:52:04 PM): NYTimes: "Evolutionary, but not Revolutionary"
CF Vette80 (5:53:04 PM): that was what GM said all along
PhenomSA24 (5:53:11 PM): Personally, I like the C6. From what I have seen so far, I like it better than the C5. It incorporates what I liked about the C5 with better (more radical) styling.
CF Vette80 (5:53:41 PM): yep...i love the C6
CF Vette80 (5:53:44 PM): it looks awesome
PortMgr198 (5:53:50 PM): I like it too
YehDecka (5:54:08 PM): I like it too, didn't really take long to get used to the headlights
LZrada (5:54:21 PM): here is an article from the chicago tribune (1/1/04),0,290913.story?coll=chi-classifiedcars-hed
CF Vette80 (5:54:49 PM):
(5:54:58 PM) BlkL9890 has entered the room.
PhenomSA24 (5:55:10 PM): I like the headlights. I also think it beacme necessary to compete with higher end sports cars out there today.
YehDecka (5:55:44 PM): are there any current cars that still use flip headlights?
CF Vette80 (5:55:58 PM): nope
YehDecka (5:55:59 PM): i think corvette was the last
digitalcorvettes (5:56:13 PM): Um....
digitalcorvettes (5:56:21 PM): WS6?
CF Vette80 (5:56:27 PM): not in production
CF Vette80 (5:56:34 PM): they stopped in 2002
BlkL9890 (5:56:38 PM): I think the sides look a bit like a mustang though:-\
CF Vette80 (5:56:44 PM): mustang?
(5:56:49 PM) PuffD2112 has entered the room.
BlkL9890 (5:56:50 PM): yup
YehDecka (5:56:50 PM): the trans am?
BlkL9890 (5:57:00 PM): the new C6
CF Vette80 (5:57:02 PM): 2002 was the last year for the trans am
Moodvette1976 (5:57:06 PM): just throw some BSM's on
(5:57:14 PM) VettePipes has entered the room.
BlkL9890 (5:57:14 PM): lol
CF Vette80 (5:57:23 PM): **** BSM
(5:57:24 PM) RodViper has entered the room.
PhenomSA24 (5:57:27 PM): I think the fender bulges look more like the C3 than the Mustang
digitalcorvettes (5:57:35 PM): which car?
PhenomSA24 (5:57:46 PM): C6
BlkL9890 (5:57:46 PM): I'm impressed with the overall styling, I like it much more than the firebird front ended C5
(5:58:03 PM) EB03Z06 has entered the room.
RodViper (5:58:03 PM): Hello you guys!
digitalcorvettes (5:58:07 PM): Heya!!!!!!!!
CF Vette80 (5:58:08 PM): hey rod
BlkL9890 (5:58:18 PM): sounds like it is gonna be a barn burner too
PuffD2112 (5:58:24 PM): hello everyone
RodViper (5:58:29 PM): "ROCKETBLOCK" on the forum
EB03Z06 (5:58:29 PM): hi everyone, new to this aol
CF Vette80 (5:58:32 PM): hey puff
BlkL9890 (5:58:35 PM): Hi Puff daddy!
digitalcorvettes (5:58:36 PM): Hey Rocketblock! :)
digitalcorvettes (5:58:38 PM): lol
elre V 07 (5:58:38 PM): ok still waiting
PhenomSA24 (5:58:40 PM): Man, I can't get the double picture off of my screen! Anyone else having that problem?
EB03Z06 (5:58:45 PM): gotta say, i did like it when I first saw it.
digitalcorvettes (5:58:48 PM): Double picture?
EB03Z06 (5:58:57 PM): now, it starting to look real good.
roxent (5:58:57 PM): See? If no other production car has popups, and the C6 kept them, the Corvette would be even more unique.
RodViper (5:59:02 PM): I'm going online with the other screen now.
elre V 07 (5:59:11 PM): I love the new fixed HID headlamps
EB03Z06 (5:59:15 PM): Whats the price tag on them?
PhenomSA24 (5:59:20 PM): I am getting some "ghosting" like on tv when you get bad reception
digitalcorvettes (5:59:22 PM): Do you have another browser Phenom?
elre V 07 (5:59:28 PM): I dont know why people are so up in arms about it.
PhenomSA24 (5:59:34 PM): Nope
elre V 07 (5:59:36 PM): oh, know?
BlkL9890 (5:59:37 PM): between $50k -60k?
EB03Z06 (5:59:45 PM): Yeah, sounds about iright.
(5:59:47 PM) MERLiN 96 68 has entered the room.
elre V 07 (5:59:51 PM): the new interior is amazing too
EB03Z06 (5:59:54 PM): The z06 has my attention peaked now...
PhenomSA24 (5:59:55 PM): I used to have Netscape as well, but the computer crashed two weeks ago so....
EB03Z06 (6:00:00 PM): I almost don't want to mod mine.
digitalcorvettes (6:00:07 PM): You can install Netscape in 5 minutes.
EB03Z06 (6:00:11 PM): that is the new c6 z06
digitalcorvettes (6:00:14 PM): <--
MERLiN 96 68 (6:00:14 PM): hey is the GM link workin for anyone
BlkL9890 (6:00:16 PM): I would love to see the new interior, I was never a fan of the C5
CF Vette80 (6:00:16 PM): aftermarket will take care of the popups
digitalcorvettes (6:00:19 PM): yep.
digitalcorvettes (6:00:21 PM): works
PhenomSA24 (6:00:21 PM): Let me try it.
RodViper (6:00:28 PM): 15 minutes to lift off
MERLiN 96 68 (6:00:32 PM): crappo
MERLiN 96 68 (6:00:34 PM): won't work for me
roxent (6:00:35 PM): is the GMTV site the ONLY place on the net for the webcast?
BlkL9890 (6:00:37 PM): :cool:
(6:00:45 PM) Vette Head V8 has entered the room.
EB03Z06 (6:00:45 PM): this isn't on any of the networks?
Vette Head V8 (6:00:53 PM): woah this is a lot of people
RodViper (6:01:00 PM): Great turn out!
Moodvette1976 (6:01:17 PM): we will have non popup retro fits for the C3, C4. & C5's....then popup kits for the C6...LOL=-O
PortMgr198 (6:01:21 PM): i'm getting impatient
Vette Head V8 (6:01:24 PM): whats the website for the unveiling?
EB03Z06 (6:01:25 PM): wonder what trans is going in?
gt427 (6:01:28 PM): I wanna see the vette... not the cobalt
digitalcorvettes (6:01:28 PM): settle down Beavis.
EB03Z06 (6:01:30 PM): m6, m12???
MERLiN 96 68 (6:01:34 PM): i was able to get the gmtv thing up no videos will load at all
EB03Z06 (6:01:55 PM): i can't use the tv thing w/netscape 7.1, but my internet explorer seemed to work.
Vette Head V8 (6:02:07 PM): whats the website?
EB03Z06 (6:02:08 PM): moodvette,
RodViper (6:02:21 PM): I'm up and running... ready for GM
BlkL9890 (6:02:26 PM): no vids yet i'm assuming because there's no broadcast until 7:15?
EB03Z06 (6:02:29 PM): when I look at the new c6 lights, i think how rediculous the c5 looks with them.
roxent (6:02:48 PM): then click on "See the LIVE webcast"
MERLiN 96 68 (6:02:54 PM): all it says is loading and it's been saying that for the past half an hour
Vette Head V8 (6:02:56 PM): ok, thanks
LZrada (6:03:00 PM): someone mentioned interiors on the C6.....go here for a sample
elre V 07 (6:03:00 PM): does the screen samy, c6 broadcast begins approx at 715 pm?
digitalcorvettes (6:03:07 PM): yep
RodViper (6:03:20 PM): 13 minutes
(6:03:25 PM) C4movesyou has left the room.
Moodvette1976 (6:03:25 PM): approx
MERLiN 96 68 (6:03:32 PM): mine doesn't
elre V 07 (6:03:37 PM): ok good
BlkL9890 (6:03:38 PM): thanks for the link on the interiors....
RodViper (6:03:44 PM): the exact time is approximately 13 minutes LOL
PhenomSA24 (6:03:46 PM): <racing against the clock to get Netscape, LOL
MERLiN 96 68 (6:03:48 PM): blank white scren in the little tv box with loading at the bottom
elre V 07 (6:03:54 PM): will it automatically start at 715 i hope.
CF Vette80 (6:03:59 PM): anyway to save the webcast?
PortMgr198 (6:04:06 PM): i'm sure someone will
(6:04:11 PM) mikelawson2003 has entered the room.
CF Vette80 (6:04:14 PM): or would that break the embargo?
RodViper (6:04:19 PM): SOOOOOOO... what do you guys think of Corvettes? :)
digitalcorvettes (6:04:31 PM): God, that whole embargo thing was stupid.
CF Vette80 (6:04:32 PM): THEY SUCK.....JUST KIDDING
mikelawson2003 (6:04:33 PM): 15 min left???
RodViper (6:04:43 PM): 12 min
BlkL9890 (6:04:46 PM): wow, the interior looks like a regular grandma's car, LOL
PhenomSA24 (6:04:52 PM): I am captivated by the prospect of the "supervette", or Blue Devil.
RodViper (6:05:00 PM): I like all Vettes
Vette Head V8 (6:05:04 PM): amen phenom
MERLiN 96 68 (6:05:12 PM): dammit this pisses me off
BlkL9890 (6:05:13 PM): i love my C4 '90 interior:-D i love all vettes too
RodViper (6:05:15 PM): I'm keeping my 2002 for awhile though. That was the plan all along.
mikelawson2003 (6:05:30 PM): doubt the super vette will happen though
CF Vette80 (6:05:35 PM): i'll get a C6 in about 3 years...
PhenomSA24 (6:05:36 PM): LOL, I am still trying to finish my '78!
VettePipes (6:05:37 PM): Must have 427 drooool
digitalcorvettes (6:05:38 PM): I have $19.00 in my wallet. Think I can get one that cheap?
Vette Head V8 (6:05:45 PM): you and me both pat
Vette Head V8 (6:05:47 PM): lol
PortMgr198 (6:05:48 PM): diecast
digitalcorvettes (6:05:53 PM): Merlin- do you have another browser you can try?
CF Vette80 (6:05:53 PM): more than i've got
PhenomSA24 (6:06:03 PM): By the time I am done with the '78, maybe I could swing a used Blue Devil, lol
Vette Head V8 (6:06:13 PM): the mascera on the die cast headlights suck tho
RodViper (6:06:13 PM): good one on the diecast
PortMgr198 (6:06:25 PM): time for the popcorn
MERLiN 96 68 (6:06:28 PM): aol
mikelawson2003 (6:06:30 PM): I still hate the mouth
MERLiN 96 68 (6:06:31 PM): but that's about it
PortMgr198 (6:06:40 PM): thanks rod
BlkL9890 (6:06:45 PM): I have to say the C6 is looking really sharp, the front end as it meets the hood
Vette Head V8 (6:06:58 PM): i like the look of the mouth but it sucks with a licinse plate
digitalcorvettes (6:06:59 PM): Do you have IE ?
gt427 (6:07:02 PM): best vette yet.
elre V 07 (6:07:03 PM): yeah the lines are awesome
VettePipes (6:07:05 PM): A screen for the mouth will help. Bet there will be kits for that.
MERLiN 96 68 (6:07:07 PM): yeah that's what i've been using
RodViper (6:07:09 PM): Is longtimer here under another name?
mikelawson2003 (6:07:15 PM): never thought I'd be buying a billet grille for a corvette!!!
BlkL9890 (6:07:17 PM): yeah, i can see what you mean there Vette head
elre V 07 (6:07:19 PM): well thats why you have to live where you dont need a front license plate
elre V 07 (6:07:20 PM): hahahaha
LZrada (6:07:22 PM): for you local chicagoland folks...does anyone know when Bill Jabocs in Joliet going to have their annual Vette show?
Vette Head V8 (6:07:33 PM): im looking forward to seeing aftermarket front bumpers... new mouth and all
digitalcorvettes (6:07:34 PM): 8 minutes....
Moodvette1976 (6:07:40 PM): approx
BlkL9890 (6:07:45 PM): ;-)
RodViper (6:07:46 PM): lol on the approx
mikelawson2003 (6:07:53 PM): are you guys watching gmtv?
gt427 (6:07:58 PM): yep
CF Vette80 (6:08:05 PM):
RodViper (6:08:07 PM): GMtv is it
EB03Z06 (6:08:08 PM): ok...
Moodvette1976 (6:08:12 PM): yas...because the broncos suck today
VettePipes (6:08:22 PM): I think GMtv is up, but nothings happening.
mikelawson2003 (6:08:26 PM): anyone watch the solstice movie
digitalcorvettes (6:08:28 PM): I'm all set up to do screen captures.
RCesak (6:08:31 PM): yup
RodViper (6:08:42 PM): Cool digit
BlkL9890 (6:08:45 PM): i hope something happens at 7:15! lol
mikelawson2003 (6:08:51 PM): I like the vauxhaul better
Moodvette1976 (6:08:52 PM): approx
Vette Head V8 (6:08:55 PM): lol
RodViper (6:08:55 PM): Is digitalcorvettes BKuper?
gt427 (6:09:00 PM): mine is starting to lag now
Vette Head V8 (6:09:00 PM): no, patrick
YehDecka (6:09:01 PM): i like the solstice but i want a gto
RodViper (6:09:08 PM): OK
(6:09:08 PM) Edward D Haskins has entered the room.
CF Vette80 (6:09:12 PM): Digitalcorvettes = Patrick96LT4
EB03Z06 (6:09:13 PM): i can't believe my c5 is old now.
Vette Head V8 (6:09:26 PM): its not old, its "classic"
CF Vette80 (6:09:29 PM): give it to me if you think its old
EB03Z06 (6:09:31 PM): righ ton.
VettePipes (6:09:32 PM): The C5 is not that old
(6:09:41 PM) sharkvette350 has entered the room.
mikelawson2003 (6:09:42 PM): who owns a c5 type 111
mikelawson2003 (6:09:45 PM): 111
elre V 07 (6:09:47 PM): my dealership has 6 c5's and a 96 CE
RodViper (6:09:47 PM): I like me C5 :cool:
BlkL9890 (6:09:48 PM): oh is that you Patrick? the wild one from the corvetteforum! Brad here (bradvette)
(6:09:50 PM) CF90Ragtop has entered the room.
PortMgr198 (6:09:54 PM): Who put in orders already on a C6?
MERLiN 96 68 (6:09:58 PM): ah well maybe i'll catch the vid later
digitalcorvettes (6:10:00 PM): Hi Bradvette! Yep, that's me....
CF90Ragtop (6:10:02 PM): Waiting a year.
MERLiN 96 68 (6:10:03 PM): see ya guys
EB03Z06 (6:10:09 PM): this week i'm installing about another 100rwhp so that should do the trick.
(6:10:12 PM) shathaw has entered the room.
elre V 07 (6:10:12 PM): including all 3 commemorative 04's
Moodvette1976 (6:10:13 PM): i knew that....(dabo)
roxent (6:10:18 PM): 2002 LS1 TransAm here
(6:10:20 PM) MERLiN 96 68 has left the room.
BlkL9890 (6:10:21 PM): alright! great to hang here with ya, loved your old posts, you were a blast!
RodViper (6:10:21 PM): OK Merlin... you take care
elre V 07 (6:10:24 PM): we have a z06 commemerative coGM corp car.
(6:10:27 PM) yllwy2kvette has entered the room.
CF Vette80 (6:10:28 PM): jason i hate you
digitalcorvettes (6:10:31 PM): lol
Vette Head V8 (6:10:34 PM): lol
digitalcorvettes (6:10:35 PM): I want a Z06!
RodViper (6:10:36 PM): 5 min
Moodvette1976 (6:10:39 PM): approx
Vette Head V8 (6:10:42 PM): id kill for a Z06
mikelawson2003 (6:10:43 PM): maybe we can get a c6 that doesn't have steering lock problems!
Moodvette1976 (6:10:43 PM): lol
digitalcorvettes (6:10:44 PM): tick tock tick tock
elre V 07 (6:10:46 PM): no one is buing the c5 cuz they are waiting for the c6
CF90Ragtop (6:10:47 PM): heh
EB03Z06 (6:10:50 PM): i am dying to see the new z06
(6:10:53 PM) torchred2k has entered the room.
LZrada (6:11:01 PM): I'd kill for a C6
elre V 07 (6:11:01 PM): you can have our commemorative z06 for 55k:)
digitalcorvettes (6:11:02 PM): Hey Torch!:)
CF90Ragtop (6:11:07 PM): 400hp in a vert. I'm so there.
BlkL9890 (6:11:10 PM): ahhh, the crowd grows:-D
elre V 07 (6:11:20 PM): is bkuper in here?
Moodvette1976 (6:11:21 PM): I love the comm ed Z06
Moodvette1976 (6:11:23 PM): dream car
PhenomSA24 (6:11:26 PM): Okay, I got Netscape, but it says "Loading" but nothing more. I might have to wtach it on IE and just deal with the lines.
EB03Z06 (6:11:27 PM): its about time gm stomped out the mustang.
elre V 07 (6:11:31 PM): i love it too, drove it...A BLAST!
CF Vette80 (6:11:32 PM): just pick me up when you got o QS&L
digitalcorvettes (6:11:45 PM): What ver of IE?
CF90Ragtop (6:11:51 PM): will do
elre V 07 (6:11:51 PM): i dont know if the CF hood makes a difference.
digitalcorvettes (6:11:52 PM): bkuper not here yet.
roxent (6:11:55 PM): DIGITALCORVETTES.COM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PortMgr198 (6:11:56 PM): Anyone "loading" yet?
elre V 07 (6:11:56 PM): ok be back soon. watching it.
PhenomSA24 (6:12:01 PM): ?? 6 maybe?
elre V 07 (6:12:01 PM): on my roomise windows comp?
LZrada (6:12:03 PM): here we go...
digitalcorvettes (6:12:04 PM): No, you guys rock.
CF90Ragtop (6:12:04 PM): nope, just a generic GM screen
PhenomSA24 (6:12:06 PM): At least 5.5
BlkL9890 (6:12:08 PM): I never had the privelege of driving a Z06, just a '97 and '99
Moodvette1976 (6:12:09 PM): loading or loadED??
LZrada (6:12:12 PM): its on.
elre V 07 (6:12:14 PM): roommates' comp.
elre V 07 (6:12:22 PM): the z06 is an experience
CF Vette80 (6:12:23 PM): i gotta drive a Z06 somtime
PortMgr198 (6:12:27 PM): Locked but not yet loaded
PhenomSA24 (6:12:29 PM): Loading
CF90Ragtop (6:12:32 PM): no joy here
elre V 07 (6:12:34 PM): i also had the privelege of driving 4 types of callaways.
elre V 07 (6:12:36 PM): ok time to go
LZrada (6:12:43 PM): just some preliminary news...
RodViper (6:12:44 PM): 3 min
Vette Head V8 (6:12:44 PM): ive got a waiting screen, is that what everyone else has?
RodViper (6:12:46 PM): approx
digitalcorvettes (6:12:48 PM): Phenom -- you running a personal firewall or any other weird web apps? pop up blockers? cookie blockers?
elre V 07 (6:12:51 PM): so do i
PuffD2112 (6:12:52 PM): i cant wait to pick up a C5 In the spring. C6 IS STILL A LITTLE TOO RICH FOR MY BLOOD
BlkL9890 (6:12:53 PM): holy smokes, never drove a calloway either
digitalcorvettes (6:12:57 PM): yep, waiting screen
Vette Head V8 (6:13:03 PM): ok, good
Moodvette1976 (6:13:03 PM): yep ...waiting
(6:13:05 PM) EB03Z06 has left the room.
elre V 07 (6:13:08 PM): well a customer of my dealers owns 6 callaway vettes
PhenomSA24 (6:13:09 PM): No, pop up blockers are disabled.
elre V 07 (6:13:13 PM): and a callway supernatural camaro
RodViper (6:13:14 PM): Hmmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmm
digitalcorvettes (6:13:20 PM): 2 minutes... we've been waiting a LONG time for this ....
shathaw (6:13:26 PM): Waiting Screen here too.... but the C6 option disappeared for me???
LZrada (6:13:27 PM): I have video...but its only a newscaster...showing the GTO now.
torchred2k (6:13:28 PM): still waitin
RCesak (6:13:31 PM): yup our dealer has i think 50 new c5's and between 20-30 used c5's we just sold our one c4
elre V 07 (6:13:39 PM): he also has a zr1 and a 40th anniv with less that 500 miles combined.
RodViper (6:13:49 PM): Ah the internet age
RodViper (6:13:56 PM): 2 min
digitalcorvettes (6:14:00 PM): right, the newscaster comes up from time to time.
elre V 07 (6:14:01 PM): anyone elkse still looking at that sentence?
RodViper (6:14:01 PM): approx
Vette Head V8 (6:14:01 PM): approx
RodViper (6:14:07 PM): hah
mikelawson2003 (6:14:10 PM): guitar playing?????
digitalcorvettes (6:14:10 PM): still seeing the sentence. yes
Moodvette1976 (6:14:13 PM): approx
PortMgr198 (6:14:13 PM): it is loading
PortMgr198 (6:14:15 PM): for real
digitalcorvettes (6:14:18 PM): i play gittar.
Moodvette1976 (6:14:19 PM): here we go
PuffD2112 (6:14:20 PM): YE HAH
elre V 07 (6:14:20 PM): nope now i have the loading.
elre V 07 (6:14:22 PM): 4yes!
elre V 07 (6:14:24 PM): yes!
YehDecka (6:14:25 PM): i play guitar
Moodvette1976 (6:14:28 PM): wheres ZZ top
Moodvette1976 (6:14:30 PM): LOL!!!!
RodViper (6:14:32 PM): Loading something
CF90Ragtop (6:14:32 PM): wtf, still nothing
mikelawson2003 (6:14:33 PM): that's the video
digitalcorvettes (6:14:40 PM): nothing here yet.
RodViper (6:14:40 PM): It's goin
mikelawson2003 (6:14:41 PM): click the video again
Moodvette1976 (6:14:45 PM): reload
elre V 07 (6:14:46 PM): yes!
CF90Ragtop (6:14:48 PM): loading
elre V 07 (6:14:49 PM): i am so excited!
YehDecka (6:14:59 PM): yay
BlkL9890 (6:15:01 PM): crank it up
Moodvette1976 (6:15:04 PM): i'm killing kittens already
CF90Ragtop (6:15:10 PM): LOL
CF Vette80 (6:15:17 PM): where is B-girl?
PuffD2112 (6:15:20 PM): WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
digitalcorvettes (6:15:22 PM): click the "change speed' button.
digitalcorvettes (6:15:27 PM): b-girl is makin dinner.
YehDecka (6:15:35 PM): who's playing?
CF Vette80 (6:15:39 PM): always good to eat
YehDecka (6:15:39 PM): that's zz top?
CF Vette80 (6:15:52 PM): no not ZZ top
LZrada (6:15:53 PM): does your screen show drive time 12/23 on the screen?
elre V 07 (6:15:54 PM): i did and if that killed my feed i will kill you!
roxent (6:16:02 PM): music playin on mine
(6:16:03 PM) sharkvette350 has left the room.
digitalcorvettes (6:16:03 PM): 7:15 ....
CF90Ragtop (6:16:06 PM): I got it back
shathaw (6:16:08 PM): Loading..........
torchred2k (6:16:12 PM): my dinner's ready told the wife it would have to wait
gt427 (6:16:14 PM): loading
PhenomSA24 (6:16:18 PM): I got it on IE
Moodvette1976 (6:16:19 PM): welcome debnnis
Moodvette1976 (6:16:24 PM): ed
elre V 07 (6:16:26 PM): get off the stage, show me the c6
PhenomSA24 (6:16:28 PM): Well, I had it
mikelawson2003 (6:16:34 PM): it's gone
Moodvette1976 (6:16:37 PM): approx
Edward D Haskins (6:16:38 PM): ah...just froze on
CF Vette80 (6:16:39 PM): gone here too
Moodvette1976 (6:16:42 PM): lol
mikelawson2003 (6:16:42 PM): me too
YehDecka (6:16:44 PM): same here
RodViper (6:16:45 PM): gone
mikelawson2003 (6:16:47 PM): ha
YehDecka (6:16:48 PM): loading
PortMgr198 (6:16:50 PM): lost it too
CF90Ragtop (6:16:52 PM): going to full screen, bbiab
PhenomSA24 (6:16:55 PM): I hate computers!
PortMgr198 (6:16:55 PM): what is going on
PortMgr198 (6:17:00 PM): cheap ****
elre V 07 (6:17:02 PM): get off the stage, give me the car!!!!!!
PuffD2112 (6:17:05 PM): i dont want to see a pontiac i want a vette!!
LZrada (6:17:07 PM): news is over...
(6:17:09 PM) Kippster66 has entered the room.
roxent (6:17:13 PM): damnit, where'd it go?
LZrada (6:17:14 PM): loading....
PortMgr198 (6:17:14 PM): i hope the technology in the car is better
mikelawson2003 (6:17:18 PM): bill gates has something to do with this!!!!!!!!!!
RodViper (6:17:20 PM): zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Kippster66 (6:17:24 PM): has it started?
digitalcorvettes (6:17:25 PM): 2 minutes late....
Moodvette1976 (6:17:31 PM): approx
PortMgr198 (6:17:35 PM): this sucks
CF Vette80 (6:17:41 PM): damnit
(6:17:43 PM) FIVEP0INT7LITER has entered the room.
Moodvette1976 (6:17:43 PM): what did you expect
Vette Head V8 (6:17:46 PM): PLAYING!!!!
PortMgr198 (6:17:47 PM): i'm pissed
shathaw (6:17:50 PM): Still nothing!!!
LZrada (6:17:51 PM): now i got Cowger's year end message.
digitalcorvettes (6:17:55 PM): playing?
PhenomSA24 (6:17:56 PM): I am still loading
Vette Head V8 (6:17:59 PM): yeah
(6:17:59 PM) PuffD2112 has left the room.
Vette Head V8 (6:18:00 PM): i have it
digitalcorvettes (6:18:02 PM): I am still "loading".
PhenomSA24 (6:18:03 PM): Then it freezes
gt427 (6:18:03 PM): still loading
Moodvette1976 (6:18:07 PM): of course they ar going to make a big presentation about it
digitalcorvettes (6:18:08 PM): Sure you aren't seeing the GM news?
YehDecka (6:18:17 PM): i started playing and froze up, now i'm at loading
RodViper (6:18:18 PM): no got here
mikelawson2003 (6:18:22 PM): it's back
Moodvette1976 (6:18:23 PM): dave hill now
PhenomSA24 (6:18:25 PM): Son of a.....
elre V 07 (6:18:25 PM): got dave hill now.
mikelawson2003 (6:18:27 PM): yup
Vette Head V8 (6:18:31 PM): ****. its the cobalt unvieling, howd that get there?
LZrada (6:18:32 PM): thats is what I am
PortMgr198 (6:18:33 PM): just loading here...BACK ON
mikelawson2003 (6:18:33 PM): better videop
digitalcorvettes (6:18:33 PM): what?
PhenomSA24 (6:18:37 PM): I have it for like one second then it goes blank
YehDecka (6:18:38 PM): now playing
Moodvette1976 (6:18:39 PM): yeah ZORA!!!
digitalcorvettes (6:18:47 PM): I just have loading....
(6:18:47 PM) corsair739 has entered the room.
RodViper (6:18:48 PM): huh?
YehDecka (6:18:49 PM): and not as laggy now
PhenomSA24 (6:18:54 PM): I have it again
digitalcorvettes (6:18:55 PM): I got it now!!!!!!!!!!!
gt427 (6:19:03 PM): me 2
Kippster66 (6:19:07 PM): i've got it
Edward D Haskins (6:19:16 PM): it
LZrada (6:19:30 PM): what are you seeing?
elre V 07 (6:19:35 PM): the only corvette screw up i can think of was the crossfire v8
CF Vette80 (6:19:36 PM): GOT IT :)
Edward D Haskins (6:19:39 PM): some guy speaking
Moodvette1976 (6:19:45 PM): dave hill
PhenomSA24 (6:19:50 PM): some putz talking about Zora, I think
(6:19:52 PM) PuffD2112 has entered the room.
digitalcorvettes (6:19:52 PM): yea
Moodvette1976 (6:19:54 PM): now brent dewar
elre V 07 (6:19:56 PM): brent dewar
PhenomSA24 (6:20:13 PM): Yeah, that's what I meant
Moodvette1976 (6:20:14 PM): is this really LIVE????
(6:20:17 PM) AZ064SPEED has entered the room.
shathaw (6:20:18 PM): The Crossfire was good for it's day....
Vette Head V8 (6:20:21 PM): i got it now
PhenomSA24 (6:20:23 PM): Which two states don't have them?
elre V 07 (6:20:24 PM): true..
elre V 07 (6:20:26 PM): but a dud.
Vette Head V8 (6:20:31 PM): ****, cobalt again, WTF?!?!?!
digitalcorvettes (6:20:45 PM): yes, it's live Phenom
shathaw (6:20:50 PM): I've had 2 84's and both ran great... I was a lucky one LOL
digitalcorvettes (6:21:00 PM): Oops... forgot the body panels
shathaw (6:21:00 PM): Still no Video for me :-(
Vette Head V8 (6:21:10 PM): there we go, i have it
digitalcorvettes (6:21:12 PM): close the GM video screen, then click the link again.
BlkL9890 (6:21:13 PM): i'm in awe, i love hearing the intro, i'm gonna cry :)
Moodvette1976 (6:21:13 PM): crossfire has lots of room for improvement they just didnt keep it long enough to develop it
PhenomSA24 (6:21:15 PM): My '78 ran decent before I started screwing with it
Moodvette1976 (6:21:23 PM): TPI was much better
elre V 07 (6:21:25 PM): hahaha.
LZrada (6:21:32 PM): i have it now....was on wrong channel....don't know how it got there...just appeared.
digitalcorvettes (6:21:38 PM): lol
RodViper (6:21:40 PM): Obviously they don't know what Geroge Jones was talking about!!!
CF Vette80 (6:21:50 PM): TITs
Moodvette1976 (6:22:09 PM): bewbies!!!
digitalcorvettes (6:22:10 PM): the nose of the ragtop would look cool on the C6
shathaw (6:22:15 PM): I do love the TPI I have... but it is now sitting at the dealership with a LOCKED engine... so my opinion isn't great right now LOL
Vette Head V8 (6:22:23 PM): lol
elre V 07 (6:22:25 PM): hahaha
PhenomSA24 (6:22:36 PM): I put the LT1 in my '78. I love it!
Moodvette1976 (6:22:48 PM): getting closer....1992
torchred2k (6:22:49 PM): 300 hp ?
BlkL9890 (6:22:49 PM): damn, the tears are on my keyboard=-O
elre V 07 (6:22:51 PM): i miss the z41:-(
elre V 07 (6:22:54 PM): er
elre V 07 (6:22:57 PM): zr1
PhenomSA24 (6:23:11 PM): They skipped it
Moodvette1976 (6:23:12 PM): great cars...had one for a while
elre V 07 (6:23:15 PM): id love to see the zl1 or zr1 on the 'supervette'
shathaw (6:23:32 PM): I hope they replay this video... still "loading" for me......GRRRR
elre V 07 (6:23:39 PM): z06:)
PhenomSA24 (6:23:39 PM): I'd love to see Z-something with a mid-engine like Mosler!
elre V 07 (6:23:43 PM): ls6
digitalcorvettes (6:23:43 PM): The will have it for replay, no doubt.
(6:23:45 PM) Brkyard400 has entered the room.
Moodvette1976 (6:23:48 PM): it will be on the site just like all of the others
CF Vette80 (6:23:51 PM): i hope they use a completly new code for the supervette
PhenomSA24 (6:23:54 PM): Here we go
elre V 07 (6:23:59 PM): that would be nice
Vette Head V8 (6:24:00 PM): here it is
digitalcorvettes (6:24:02 PM): saturn?
BlkL9890 (6:24:07 PM): elegant simplicity!
roxent (6:24:08 PM): LOGO!
digitalcorvettes (6:24:10 PM): not bad lookin.
torchred2k (6:24:17 PM): yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YehDecka (6:24:22 PM): almost...
CF Vette80 (6:24:22 PM): choppy as hell
RodViper (6:24:23 PM): kinda hiding the bad parts
LZrada (6:24:23 PM): nice.
digitalcorvettes (6:24:25 PM): I love the cop top.
elre V 07 (6:24:26 PM): here we go!
digitalcorvettes (6:24:36 PM): CF Vette80-- click the "change speed" button.
Brkyard400 (6:24:39 PM): where's the bright red ?
digitalcorvettes (6:24:46 PM): Not showing yet.
mikelawson2003 (6:24:51 PM): no nouth shots yet
Moodvette1976 (6:24:55 PM): vroom vroom
mikelawson2003 (6:24:56 PM): mouth
YehDecka (6:24:58 PM): what's funny is that we've seen all these photos before
LZrada (6:24:59 PM): those are the same pics as from te museum site.
YehDecka (6:25:03 PM): right
Vette Head V8 (6:25:03 PM): lol, yup
torchred2k (6:25:04 PM): Fresh?
PhenomSA24 (6:25:06 PM): There's the mouth
digitalcorvettes (6:25:06 PM): clamshell!!!!!!!
mikelawson2003 (6:25:22 PM): yup
CF Vette80 (6:25:26 PM): clamshell?
roxent (6:25:28 PM): "uh.... headlamps"
torchred2k (6:25:30 PM): no popup
mikelawson2003 (6:25:37 PM): uh uh yeah
Vette Head V8 (6:25:37 PM): most aerodynamic ever?
Vette Head V8 (6:25:43 PM): did i hear right?
elre V 07 (6:25:45 PM): love the HID
elre V 07 (6:25:46 PM): !
mikelawson2003 (6:25:48 PM): yup
CF Vette80 (6:25:49 PM): yep you heard right
CF Vette80 (6:25:55 PM): .28 cd drag
CF Vette80 (6:26:01 PM): C5 was .29
Vette Head V8 (6:26:04 PM): and this whole time everyone said the C5 was more aero
torchred2k (6:26:06 PM): let it thrill me
CF Vette80 (6:26:12 PM): there is a pic of the drop top
digitalcorvettes (6:26:14 PM): The nomad!!!!!!
digitalcorvettes (6:26:18 PM): cooooooooool
Vette Head V8 (6:26:20 PM): that looks like a c5
roxent (6:26:21 PM): that's a c5
PhenomSA24 (6:26:21 PM): I think that's a C5
Vette Head V8 (6:26:23 PM): it is
Vette Head V8 (6:26:27 PM): look at the door handls
digitalcorvettes (6:26:27 PM): Looks like a 1962 vette in the front
Moodvette1976 (6:26:30 PM): yep BSM's
CF Vette80 (6:26:34 PM): ah true
Vette Head V8 (6:26:39 PM): still a c5
elre V 07 (6:26:40 PM): that is a c5 vert
Moodvette1976 (6:26:44 PM): yep[
torchred2k (6:26:48 PM): run craps
Moodvette1976 (6:26:59 PM): noisy craps
YehDecka (6:27:03 PM): wow, dragging on so much
Vette Head V8 (6:27:11 PM): show it already!
LZrada (6:27:19 PM): come on...lets unveil it!!!!
roxent (6:27:23 PM): damn, that must be a 60 foot screen
Vette Head V8 (6:27:23 PM): weve heard this before, drive it out!
RodViper (6:27:23 PM): They're afraid LOL
mikelawson2003 (6:27:26 PM): .92
torchred2k (6:27:26 PM): He needs duct tape on the mouth
Vette Head V8 (6:27:34 PM): spy shots? wtf?
mikelawson2003 (6:27:34 PM): z06 1g
elre V 07 (6:27:36 PM): HAHA SHUT UP SHOW THE CAR!
YehDecka (6:27:42 PM): wow
Vette Head V8 (6:27:49 PM): or should i say "spy shots?"
digitalcorvettes (6:27:49 PM): lol .
CF Vette80 (6:27:51 PM): thats the Z06
digitalcorvettes (6:27:54 PM): That nomad would look cool in red
VettePipes (6:28:03 PM): The embargo lives!
Moodvette1976 (6:28:06 PM): nomad??
elre V 07 (6:28:13 PM): why the hell did they show the spy shot
elre V 07 (6:28:16 PM): i love the nomad
CF Vette80 (6:28:18 PM): pat pics of the new nomad are in "other cars"
LZrada (6:28:22 PM): who knows
VettePipes (6:28:32 PM): Cross drilled, blah
roxent (6:28:33 PM): 3 minutes to webcast crash
Vette Head V8 (6:28:37 PM): lol
Moodvette1976 (6:28:38 PM): approx
Vette Head V8 (6:28:41 PM): lol
LZrada (6:28:53 PM): there is the interior
elre V 07 (6:28:59 PM): world's best
(6:28:59 PM) redriderZR1 has entered the room.
LZrada (6:29:01 PM): someone was looking for.
PhenomSA24 (6:29:02 PM): Is that a nav system?
Vette Head V8 (6:29:04 PM): yup
elre V 07 (6:29:07 PM): yes
Moodvette1976 (6:29:07 PM): yup
LZrada (6:29:08 PM): yes.
PhenomSA24 (6:29:11 PM): cool
digitalcorvettes (6:29:19 PM): what are you guys looking at?
PhenomSA24 (6:29:23 PM): "door exit BUTTON"
digitalcorvettes (6:29:23 PM): I see the solstice
Vette Head V8 (6:29:26 PM): interior
VettePipes (6:29:32 PM): Too much shadow in these pics!
Vette Head V8 (6:29:38 PM): yes
RodViper (6:29:39 PM): LOL on the shadow
LZrada (6:29:39 PM): your on the wrong video.
elre V 07 (6:29:41 PM): and a start button:-D
YehDecka (6:29:49 PM): i don't like that
LZrada (6:29:58 PM): exit out and get back in that worked for me.
YehDecka (6:30:02 PM): i like the conventional style of starting a car
mikelawson2003 (6:30:03 PM): there's the hud
Kippster66 (6:30:08 PM): nice HUD
Vette Head V8 (6:30:10 PM): i like the hud
Moodvette1976 (6:30:16 PM): with G force
Vette Head V8 (6:30:17 PM): even shows the Gs
YehDecka (6:30:19 PM): nice
LZrada (6:30:20 PM): oh come on!
PhenomSA24 (6:30:21 PM): Man, it's going to suck trying to put a real radio in there
torchred2k (6:30:22 PM): g's on teh hud coool
RCesak (6:30:27 PM): damm aol and my crappy internet connection
RCesak (6:30:35 PM): pissing me off
digitalcorvettes (6:30:37 PM): click the "change speed" button"
RodViper (6:30:38 PM): on cable here and smooooooooooooth
(6:30:41 PM) gjwC5Vette has entered the room.
Vette Head V8 (6:30:42 PM): i hated aol when i had it too
YehDecka (6:30:42 PM): running pretty smooth for me
Vette Head V8 (6:30:46 PM): now i have cable
mikelawson2003 (6:30:47 PM): T1 here
digitalcorvettes (6:30:48 PM): yea, smooth
shathaw (6:30:48 PM): On cable here and NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
elre V 07 (6:30:50 PM): i love the door exit button
Kippster66 (6:30:56 PM): DSL and smooth
PhenomSA24 (6:31:01 PM): Smooth here on Cable
Moodvette1976 (6:31:02 PM): SHOW IT!!!!!!
torchred2k (6:31:07 PM): cable working fine
digitalcorvettes (6:31:08 PM): exit the window, then click the link again from
(6:31:22 PM) GOPMark has entered the room.
Vette Head V8 (6:31:37 PM): we know this stuff, show the car!!!
roxent (6:31:42 PM): nice tie
mikelawson2003 (6:31:44 PM): i agree
Vette Head V8 (6:31:45 PM): lol
CF Vette80 (6:31:51 PM): its a press release guys
(6:31:54 PM) billyhay94 has entered the room.
torchred2k (6:31:55 PM): we don't want lessons, we wa\nt cars
CF Vette80 (6:31:56 PM): calm down they will show the car
digitalcorvettes (6:32:01 PM): lol
Vette Head V8 (6:32:06 PM): lol
LZrada (6:32:07 PM): sigh
elre V 07 (6:32:11 PM): not c5r lets see c6
GOPMark (6:32:12 PM): They need to wait. I'm still downloading Player 9.
Moodvette1976 (6:32:14 PM): the press hads all of this in a packet to write from
CF Vette80 (6:32:19 PM): you act like you haven't seen it anyway
elre V 07 (6:32:28 PM): hahaha
torchred2k (6:32:29 PM): boy are they milking it for all its worth
GOPMark (6:32:37 PM): You mean people have seen the C6??? :-O j/k
digitalcorvettes (6:32:39 PM): yack yack yack....
PhenomSA24 (6:32:41 PM): I am hungry!
Vette Head V8 (6:32:43 PM): is that a pin of the new vette symbol on his suit?
CF Vette80 (6:32:53 PM): oh ****.i guess the broke the embargo..i wasn't supposed to say that
torchred2k (6:32:55 PM): looks like it
Vette Head V8 (6:32:59 PM): i want one!
Moodvette1976 (6:33:08 PM): price of the C6 goes up every word these guys talk
digitalcorvettes (6:33:17 PM): lol
PhenomSA24 (6:33:18 PM): lol
RodViper (6:33:19 PM): LOL
Vette Head V8 (6:33:21 PM): id rather have a c6 but i can only afford the pin
Vette Head V8 (6:33:22 PM): lol
Moodvette1976 (6:33:26 PM): lol
digitalcorvettes (6:33:28 PM): I think we are at $65,000 now
LZrada (6:33:28 PM): pay for their time on stage.
RodViper (6:33:31 PM): I'm in for Pin
Moodvette1976 (6:33:35 PM): 2
mikelawson2003 (6:33:41 PM): no you havent
torchred2k (6:33:41 PM): at .50 per word we're up by 5k at least
mikelawson2003 (6:33:46 PM): it's 4 gears
Vette Head V8 (6:33:57 PM): dont brag when your AT is 4speed
mikelawson2003 (6:34:02 PM): add a gear
Vette Head V8 (6:34:04 PM): amen
torchred2k (6:34:13 PM): That's why I want a 6 sp
Vette Head V8 (6:34:17 PM): ah, the manual... thats somethin to brag about
roxent (6:34:18 PM): this guy's "esses" sound like he's got dentures
mikelawson2003 (6:34:24 PM): i agree
digitalcorvettes (6:34:26 PM): :)
PhenomSA24 (6:34:27 PM): I thought the reason for the 4-speed is because the 5-speed wouldn't take the torque
digitalcorvettes (6:34:33 PM): here we go!
CF Vette80 (6:34:33 PM): mm...this is america...use standard measurements
LZrada (6:34:38 PM): here it is
CF Vette80 (6:34:51 PM): someone recording the sound?
torchred2k (6:34:51 PM): Bring it on with a burn out
PhenomSA24 (6:34:53 PM): Where's the rest, lol
Moodvette1976 (6:34:55 PM): depends upon who they have build a 5 speed
YehDecka (6:35:01 PM): well we have the engine now
PhenomSA24 (6:35:03 PM): 400?
LZrada (6:35:05 PM): sorry ...just the engine....i thought the car....sorry for any heart attacks.
elre V 07 (6:35:07 PM): yay
elre V 07 (6:35:13 PM): me too i thought the same thing.
mikelawson2003 (6:35:17 PM): only about 100 hp short of what we want
roxent (6:35:17 PM): woohoo!
PhenomSA24 (6:35:19 PM): When I think Ted Williams, I think .406
Moodvette1976 (6:35:21 PM): 200
Moodvette1976 (6:35:32 PM): short
VettePipes (6:35:33 PM): They have to put the engine back in the car before they can drive it out. lol
digitalcorvettes (6:35:37 PM): hahaha
Vette Head V8 (6:35:39 PM): lol
Vette Head V8 (6:35:43 PM): good one!
PhenomSA24 (6:35:51 PM): Much much more, yippie
corsair739 (6:35:54 PM): Is that guy a midget?
Vette Head V8 (6:35:56 PM): lol
Moodvette1976 (6:35:58 PM): then hurry up and wheel it back
Vette Head V8 (6:36:04 PM): there we go
mikelawson2003 (6:36:04 PM): nice
Vette Head V8 (6:36:12 PM): in livin color.. oh yeah
Moodvette1976 (6:36:17 PM): ok wheelimng it back nw
(6:36:23 PM) RCesak has left the room.
YehDecka (6:36:27 PM): magic carpet ride
Moodvette1976 (6:36:29 PM): burnout time
Vette Head V8 (6:36:29 PM): one owrd: wow
Vette Head V8 (6:36:38 PM): word*
digitalcorvettes (6:36:38 PM): kick ass
gjwC5Vette (6:36:42 PM): YOWZA!!!
RodViper (6:36:44 PM): Doesn't sound like the one in the commercial
elre V 07 (6:36:46 PM): niiiice videwo
LZrada (6:36:48 PM): right on!
YehDecka (6:36:49 PM): omg sounds very nice
elre V 07 (6:36:51 PM): video
shathaw (6:36:52 PM): FINALLY!!!!!!
Vette Head V8 (6:36:54 PM): nice music
PhenomSA24 (6:36:58 PM): Wow, Knight Rider flashback
redriderZR1 (6:37:02 PM): What video?
shathaw (6:37:14 PM): I had to disable my internet security!!! :eek:
Vette Head V8 (6:37:14 PM): egg crate grille? booo
PhenomSA24 (6:37:16 PM): Bryan likie!
CF Vette80 (6:37:17 PM): its on stage
Moodvette1976 (6:37:18 PM): yeah!!!!!!
elre V 07 (6:37:20 PM): therre it is!
roxent (6:37:23 PM): YES!!!
YehDecka (6:37:26 PM): i'm in love
corsair739 (6:37:27 PM): I like Red
LZrada (6:37:27 PM): sexy....i want one....
roxent (6:37:30 PM): wish i was there
Moodvette1976 (6:37:34 PM): comp red
LZrada (6:37:35 PM): me too!
Moodvette1976 (6:37:37 PM): looks bright
Vette Head V8 (6:37:40 PM): who wants to help me rob a bank?
PuffD2112 (6:37:42 PM): sweet
LZrada (6:37:44 PM): very nice
gjwC5Vette (6:37:46 PM): '89 tail lights!
CF Vette80 (6:37:46 PM): precision red
mikelawson2003 (6:37:48 PM): button worked
Vette Head V8 (6:37:53 PM): yes, he does
Moodvette1976 (6:37:54 PM): what I meant
Vette Head V8 (6:37:54 PM): lol
Moodvette1976 (6:37:57 PM): sorry
mikelawson2003 (6:37:59 PM): he got out
BlkL9890 (6:38:03 PM): ohmigod i love this car!!!!!
digitalcorvettes (6:38:11 PM): gave me goosebumps
billyhay94 (6:38:19 PM): me too
elre V 07 (6:38:23 PM): LOVE IT!!!!
BlkL9890 (6:38:24 PM): me too
LZrada (6:38:24 PM): I would love the lapel pin he has on.
Moodvette1976 (6:38:27 PM): should have had will cooksey drive it out
gjwC5Vette (6:38:33 PM): Now we need the vert!
CF Vette80 (6:38:34 PM): how hard is it to instal a strobe kit on HID lights?
Vette Head V8 (6:38:40 PM): they better sell those lappele pins
GOPMark (6:38:49 PM): Wait! Everyone said there wouldn't be a red! :p :D
elre V 07 (6:38:51 PM): oh bullshit take the vette
digitalcorvettes (6:38:54 PM): It's red.
Vette Head V8 (6:39:01 PM): i cant afford that yet. lol
LZrada (6:39:02 PM): agreed
PhenomSA24 (6:39:03 PM): That's us
Vette Head V8 (6:39:10 PM): hell yeah
BlkL9890 (6:39:14 PM): that vette gives me a hardonO:)
(6:39:17 PM) RCesak has entered the room.
Moodvette1976 (6:39:21 PM): looks a lot like the 80' emblem
CF Vette80 (6:39:25 PM): TMI blkl9890
PhenomSA24 (6:39:31 PM): You gonna recite us a poem next, lol
GOPMark (6:39:33 PM): I like the new lettering for the name.
GOPMark (6:39:35 PM): Subtle.
Vette Head V8 (6:39:38 PM): yup
BlkL9890 (6:39:39 PM): round lights are back!
Moodvette1976 (6:39:40 PM): sleek
LZrada (6:39:55 PM): is this going to be available for download? from GM? others?
digitalcorvettes (6:40:02 PM): I'm sure it will.
CF Vette80 (6:40:06 PM): where in the **** is Lutz
Moodvette1976 (6:40:09 PM): will be on this site like the others
mikelawson2003 (6:40:14 PM): Pontiac
PuffD2112 (6:40:22 PM): look out Porsche, theres a new sheriff in town
PhenomSA24 (6:40:30 PM): Well, here come the pics
GOPMark (6:40:31 PM): SEE?! Even GM does use the Generation thing.
GOPMark (6:40:36 PM): "Chapter 6."
Moodvette1976 (6:40:42 PM): don't scratch it
mikelawson2003 (6:40:45 PM): is this all
billyhay94 (6:40:46 PM): that it?
mikelawson2003 (6:40:49 PM): i hope noe
mikelawson2003 (6:40:51 PM): not
digitalcorvettes (6:40:52 PM): that's it...... my guess.....
YehDecka (6:40:53 PM): i want to be there
CF Vette80 (6:40:53 PM): yep..they try to claim they don't...but they have to
torchred2k (6:40:55 PM): THAT'S ALL FOLKS'
Vette Head V8 (6:40:58 PM): id steal it if i were them
corsair739 (6:41:03 PM): Lets go look at it
elre V 07 (6:41:05 PM): chapter 6 ----c6
Moodvette1976 (6:41:09 PM): i guess that means that now I own a chapter 1...3...and 5 car
roxent (6:41:09 PM): I want video of how the electical stuff works -- doors, hatch, etc.
torchred2k (6:41:10 PM): back to the magis carpet ride
RodViper (6:41:12 PM): Well, they dissed the female population
elre V 07 (6:41:14 PM): i love ythe car
elre V 07 (6:41:21 PM): I love it so much
RCesak (6:41:23 PM): I am trying to reload it all
CF Vette80 (6:41:33 PM): dissed the female population?
billyhay94 (6:41:38 PM): can i get a drink?
roxent (6:41:42 PM): where are the Babes?????
gjwC5Vette (6:41:43 PM): Hey... Thanks for setting up this chat!
digitalcorvettes (6:41:45 PM): you bet!
GOPMark (6:41:48 PM): lol
PuffD2112 (6:41:50 PM): its the hottest thing ive seen in years
RodViper (6:41:51 PM): If you missed it I can't explain it.
GOPMark (6:41:53 PM): Yeah, thanks man.
VettePipes (6:41:53 PM): Three cheers
Moodvette1976 (6:41:54 PM): how many cup holders???
BlkL9890 (6:41:56 PM): yeah, thanks Patrick!!!!
digitalcorvettes (6:41:56 PM): Glad you enjoyed the chat.
Moodvette1976 (6:41:59 PM): i feel cheated
mikelawson2003 (6:42:02 PM): 2
CF90Ragtop (6:42:03 PM): outstanding!
YehDecka (6:42:03 PM): thanks pat
billyhay94 (6:42:04 PM): thanks Patrick
RodViper (6:42:09 PM): Thanks Patrick
Moodvette1976 (6:42:10 PM): thanks patrick
digitalcorvettes (6:42:12 PM): Mood... I took screen shots... I will have them up in 15 minutes.
roxent (6:42:12 PM): Awesome, Patrick. Thanks!!!
PhenomSA24 (6:42:12 PM): Awesome
corsair739 (6:42:13 PM): DC Rocks
Kippster66 (6:42:13 PM): that was cool
torchred2k (6:42:14 PM): Thank's Pat
VettePipes (6:42:16 PM): Thanks again pat
BlkL9890 (6:42:16 PM): it was great, man i'm so high for the C6!
yllwy2kvette (6:42:17 PM): Thanks Patrick
PuffD2112 (6:42:20 PM): thanks
PhenomSA24 (6:42:21 PM): Definitely, Thanks, Patrick
gt427 (6:42:21 PM): thanks patrick
LZrada (6:42:22 PM): thank you!!!! we should have more of these.
Vette Head V8 (6:42:24 PM): thanks Patrick
Kippster66 (6:42:28 PM): thanks
elre V 07 (6:42:29 PM): thanks alot patrick
(6:42:30 PM) Kippster66 has left the room.
mikelawson2003 (6:42:30 PM): We need more
ChiMan60440 (6:42:30 PM): :)
PortMgr198 (6:42:36 PM): that was fun
(6:42:36 PM) GOPMark has left the room.
Moodvette1976 (6:42:39 PM): see ya back on the boards
(6:42:39 PM) elre V 07 has left the room.
PortMgr198 (6:42:40 PM): see ya
Vette Head V8 (6:42:40 PM): lood in the DC gallery for more
YehDecka (6:42:41 PM): did anyone check out that gto video
Vette Head V8 (6:42:43 PM): look*
digitalcorvettes (6:42:49 PM): Your welcome everyone. Now, head over to the C6 section and tell us what you feel!
(6:42:56 PM) redriderZR1 has left the room.
(6:42:57 PM) PortMgr198 has left the room.
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mikelawson2003 (6:43:05 PM): still watching?
(6:43:08 PM) repruet has entered the room.
YehDecka (6:43:09 PM): wah
(6:43:11 PM) BlkL9890 has left the room.
(6:43:11 PM) Vette Head V8 has left the room.
(6:43:12 PM) gt427 has left the room.
mikelawson2003 (6:43:13 PM): nice blue screen
(6:43:14 PM) VettePipes has left the room.
mikelawson2003 (6:43:17 PM): and snow
PhenomSA24 (6:43:17 PM): lol, looks like I will have to frequent Digital Corvettes more often
(6:43:18 PM) Edward D Haskins has left the room.
digitalcorvettes (6:43:23 PM): Ok guys, I have some pic work to do, I'll have it up in a few monites....
digitalcorvettes (6:43:29 PM): We can do more chats for sure!
(6:43:37 PM) torchred2k has left the room.
(6:43:41 PM) yllwy2kvette has left the room.
(6:43:44 PM) corsair739 has left the room.
(6:43:46 PM) YehDecka has left the room.
LZrada (6:43:48 PM): nice...can't wait.
RodViper (6:43:54 PM): Gnite guys
(6:43:54 PM) PuffD2112 has left the room.
(6:44:00 PM) RodViper has left the room.
repruet (6:44:13 PM): MY wife is having a fit to trade her 02 vert on the 05
PhenomSA24 (6:44:17 PM): Well, it's dinner time here. Makes me want to get the Vette out and take a spin around town. Of course, it's up at my mom's, and it's raining, lol.
(6:44:34 PM) billyhay94 has left the room.
PhenomSA24 (6:44:46 PM): Oh well, night all!
mikelawson2003 (6:44:47 PM): Kinda thought there would be more to it
roxent (6:44:49 PM): See y'all on the boards! Thanks again, Patrick.
(6:44:59 PM) repruet has left the room.
(6:44:59 PM) roxent has left the room.
(6:45:06 PM) mikelawson2003 has left the room.
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(6:45:18 PM) LONGTIMERL has entered the room.
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(6:45:28 PM) Harleyfxdx2001 has entered the room.
LONGTIMERL (6:45:35 PM): Hi all!!
Harleyfxdx2001 (6:45:39 PM): Hi all
AZ064SPEED (6:45:39 PM): Swore I would never trade my EBZ06, but I have changed my female mind..I'm entitled!!
digitalcorvettes (6:45:43 PM): heya! you missed the party!
Harleyfxdx2001 (6:46:06 PM): I like the C6 but not enought to give up my o3 ...
LONGTIMERL (6:46:09 PM): Sorry. wasn't set up for AOL
Harleyfxdx2001 (6:46:21 PM): lets see what kind of HP the z06 will have
Harleyfxdx2001 (6:46:39 PM): fashionably late
LONGTIMERL (6:46:45 PM): Been watching the GM presentation. Very Nice. Glad they honored Zora.
AZ064SPEED (6:46:54 PM): Isaw the whole thing and it is awesome...cant wait for the ' 6 Z06!!!
Brkyard400 (6:47:18 PM): where's the GM presentation = URL ?
Harleyfxdx2001 (6:47:30 PM): I just watched a little film ... was that all they showed in unveiling
LONGTIMERL (6:48:00 PM): We saw the whole thing too. Very classy. Glad to see that "Value" was mentioned once.
AZ064SPEED (6:48:11 PM): At the CF Cruise In Dave Hill hinted at 500-515hp for the Z06
LONGTIMERL (6:48:57 PM): Sounds good but did he hint at a $70k Z06 price?
Harleyfxdx2001 (6:49:30 PM): whats another 20k
Moodvette1976 (6:49:35 PM): good show
AZ064SPEED (6:49:48 PM): Of course not!! Let's sell them on HP and then tell them the price :)
Moodvette1976 (6:49:48 PM): bye
Harleyfxdx2001 (6:49:48 PM): you would put it in mods anyway
(6:49:54 PM) Moodvette1976 has left the room.
(6:50:11 PM) RCesak has left the room.
LONGTIMERL (6:50:18 PM): Another $20k keeps me in a targa Z51.
AZ064SPEED (6:50:51 PM): You say that now...til one blows by you!
LONGTIMERL (6:51:27 PM): I can't print money.
AZ064SPEED (6:52:09 PM): Thanks guys for set up...enjoyed it! Starting to save my Z06 pennies now !
(6:52:31 PM) AZ064SPEED has left the room.
LONGTIMERL (6:53:12 PM): Anyway, they did a classy job of presenting the C6, IMO and Honored Zora and others who have contributed so much to vette. Good Job GM!!
(6:54:12 PM) RCesak has entered the room.
RCesak (6:54:46 PM): hey
CF Vette80 (6:54:50 PM): howdy
RCesak (6:54:54 PM): I mised most of this live webcast
RCesak (6:55:08 PM): kept getting disconnected ect
digitalcorvettes (6:55:08 PM): i am uploading the screen captures now. thread will be there in 10 mins
CF Vette80 (6:55:25 PM): cya guys
(6:55:32 PM) CF Vette80 has left the room.
RCesak (6:55:35 PM): i have been having issues with my phone lines
RCesak (6:55:58 PM): the police dept.. keeps recieveing hang up calls from both our lines
RCesak (6:56:04 PM): and one has no phone on it
(6:56:18 PM) ChiMan60440 has left the room.
RCesak (6:56:27 PM): i tried calling the line the other day to see what happens like after 7 rings it picks up and goes to static
Harleyfxdx2001 (6:56:38 PM): i have to go ....C you guys later thanks for invite
RCesak (6:56:39 PM): it's weird
Brkyard400 (6:56:39 PM): I get disconnected immediately when I choose 2005 webcast !
(6:56:54 PM) Harleyfxdx2001 has left the room.
LONGTIMERL (6:57:00 PM): Great job Patrick. Thanks for hosting.
LONGTIMERL (6:57:34 PM): RCesak, you can also see it again on the chevy site.
RCesak (7:01:43 PM): cool
RCesak (7:02:00 PM): all right well guys have a good night
RCesak (7:02:06 PM): this vette tech is out..
(7:02:09 PM) RCesak has left the room.
LONGTIMERL (7:03:43 PM): Watch the Solstice vid too. Uses vette's achitecture.
digitalcorvettes (7:05:03 PM):
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