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Transmission experts please step inside, TCC solenoid questions...with pics!

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Hi All,

I had a few questions regarding the 700r4 transmission and the TCC solenoid and pressure switches. My transmission is a 1982 700r4 with a shift kit and stall converter. This is what my current solenoid / switch combo looks like. It consists of a 3-4 pressure switch and a 4th gear pressure switch, all normally closed.

I was reading that this set-up was used on the 81-87 700r4 tranny’s and after 1987 the eliminated the 3-4 switch.

I currently have a 1990-1992 TPI on my car, and the TCC harness combo should only consist of one 4th gear pressure switch and a temp switch. As seen in the pic below, this is what I want to install on my transmission.

My questions are:

1. I was wondering since the transmission still has the old set-up installed will it affect how the car runs. Since it’s on a different computer now?

2. Also will I be able to install the correct harness with little problems, or does the valve body have to be changed?

3. I have a few single prong normally closed pressure switches handy; can I use one of them for the 4th gear location? Or does it have to be a specific part number because it sends a signal to the computer to tell when it’s in overdrive?

Thanks again for the help! I just want this to match what came from the factory in 1990-1992 so it’ll be right.
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Thanks to everyone that replied :D

I ended up doing a little research and found out my current configuration (solenoid wired in series with a 3-4 switch, and a 4th gear pressure switch) was used on 81-87ish GM cars. Hence this configuration on my 82.

On 1990-1992 Set-ups GM used the harness in my picture above, it consisted of: Solenoid, 4th gear pressure switch and a temp switch (optional). The 3-4 gear pressure was eliminated and now handle by the ECM.

I switched my harnesses out and eliminated my problem (jerking around 40mph), runs great now!
It's all good, I'm just glad it's fixed now :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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