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"According to the GM dealer tech working on the car, it's been driven conservatively, in-line with the manufacturer's recommended break-in procedure. ...the unit is leaking a little bit of fluid and has thrown a code related to the limited-slip differential fluid pressure. " Tremec will identify the faulty component(s) and the reason why it failed - design or supplier issue - and take action to remedy the issue.

The consensus thus far is "crap happens" but I'm sure we all feel the pain of the owner who waited and waited and waited for his/her C8 only to rack up 32 miles before losing it to the repair bay for a time. The article did not say how long it took to R&R the Transaxle assembly. Too bad. That would have been an interesting bit of information. Some first-year C7s had engine failures in the first few thousand miles. "Crap happens." That said, it does seem to reinforce the opinions of those who have personal policies of never buying a first-year model of any car.

We will update this post if/when we find out what the culprit was and if a recall will be needed.

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