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Hi folks:
I wanted to share this with my fellow DC'ers.
If including a link from a different website is in violation of our rules, I humbly apologize.

Otherwise, enjoy :)

Truckload Of 2023 Corvette Z06 Units Spotted Heading To GM Proving Ground

PS: With the Z06 and soon to be Zora / ZR1, it sure would be nice if there was a "Z" section under the C8 Corvette forum.

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Heading to GM's proving grounds, Lutz Ring at Milford:

Milford Proving Ground is 140-miles in two Michigan counties, with an oval track, a road course, and two long separate straightaways.

The North South Straight Away is 3 lane, 3 mile long run used for top-speed tests, with turnaround banks at either end.

Black Lake is 67 acres square of asphalt used to test traction control, stability control, braking and more. The surface can also be used as a skidpan and/or to replicate wet driving conditions.

The Milford Road Course (‘Lutz Ring’ named after retired "car guy" GM vice chairman, Bob Lutz) is a specific design of the world’s most challenging racetracks. The 2.9-mile, 17-turn road course tests vehicle suspension and aerodynamics. The straight runs up to 150 mph.

Lutz: “We’re better than the best of competition and part of the reason is we have that facility (the road course). The lessons learned on steering, tire grip, braking, etc. that are learned on very high performance vehicles, some of that translates all across the line.” Even so, GM says tracks only account for about 1% of performance testing. Other GM tracks at Lang Lang, Australia, Shanghai, China, and Yuma, Ariz., can't match up to Milford.

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