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HERES AFRs 345cc head

AFR 345cc As Cast Magnum BBC Head
AFR’s Magnum Series
If “Dirty Harry” drove a racecar, it would certainly be fitted with a pair of our 345 or 357 “Magnum” cylinder heads. If huge horsepower is what you are searching for, either of these castings will certainly deliver. With our Race Ready “As Cast” 345cc flirting with 400 CFM and our fully CNC ported 357cc flowing 425 CFM, these heads represent the ultimate in airflow for your BB Chevrolet. Our 357 “Magnum” flows over 415 CFM @ .700 valve lift! No other production style BB Chevy head even comes close. Both of these heads were targeted at larger cubic inch engines (509-632 CID) looking for maximum horsepower and rpm capability with a primary operating range of 3500-8000 rpm’s (This range is an average and will vary with engine displacement and component selection). These heads will also provide impressive torque figures at higher rpm levels. Blown, turbo, and nitrous engines will especially like the larger, higher flowing intake ports.Both of these heads will work best with camshafts exceeding .750 gross valve lift to make better use of the substantial airflow found in the higher lift range. Both the 345cc and the 357cc come standard with AFR’s trademark .750” thick head deck, reinforced rocker stud bosses, and are equipped with premium one piece stainless steel 2.300” intake valves and 1.880” exhaust valves. Standard combustion chamber volume is 119cc’s on the 345 “As Cast” pieces, while our fully CNC ported 357 version comes with a 121cc chamber. Both are available with an optional 114cc combustion chamber as well. Properly selecting the correct cylinder head depends on a large number of variables. Please consult with one of our sales technicians to assist you in making the best decision for your particular application.

Optional stud girdle required for 2° rolled valve angles and 1” longer head bolts needed on four bottom exhaust bolt holes.

new EDELBROCK big block heads

Victor 24° As-Cast Rectangular Port
The Victor 24° is the best standard port location head available for large bore (4.470" and larger) big-block Chevys. Based on the Victor head #77609, it features a rolled over deck, altered valve locations, and revised 115cc combustion chamber. The head has been angle machined 2.4° and the valve locations moved to improve flow and combustion efficiency. The new valve spread accommodates valve sizes up to 2.45" intake or 1.92" exhaust. The 345cc ports are significantly smaller than the 77609 but flow 400+ cfm, producing a higher velocity flow for improved throttle response. All geometry has been developed using Pro/E 3-D software to ensure the ultimate valve train tracking and stability. #77409 is finished with a valve job, port match and bowl blending, and comes with 2.30" intake and 1.82" exhaust valves. #77419 is a bare head without port matching or bowl blending. Other features include: spring pockets cut for 1.625" springs; 11/32" diameter bronze valve guides; ductile iron interlocking valve seats; heli-coiled exhaust bolt holes; and raised exhaust ports capable of flowing 300+ cfm. The valve cover rail is raised an additional .25" to retain the oil during valve adjustments. Matching stud girdle #7796 is available for use with stud mounted rocker arms.
Victor 24° (as-cast)
Chamber Size Bare (single) With Valves (single)
115cc #77419 #77409

notice the EDELBROCK HEADS CLAIM A 400CFM/300CFM flow rateing that equals or betters the AFR flow numbers on their new heads!!
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