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The only hypocrite seems to be you.

There is a wide diversity of solutions to the 'drug problem' that are offered by various conservatives, as pointed out IN YOUR SOURCE!

Where's the hypocrisy? Daniels, Paul, Paul, and Johnson have a more libertarian viewpoint than some of the others discussed. They also support varying degrees of change to the current federal law. It's not like they are saying "I want my drugs, but I don't want YOU to have any."

Conservatives aren't monolithic in their beliefs or solutions. You've proved it with your source.

And, in contrast to your source, there is also diversity of opinion on taxes and abortion within the libertarian/conservative ranks.

As usual, you've just now discovered what most of have known for years.

Yawn... no story here. Thanks for trying - maybe one day you'll get lucky and post some real news.

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