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Under carriage spray

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How are you guys applying Adam's undercarriage spray? When I tried it on my wheel wells and a couple of other areas it seemed to be blotchy. Do you spray it on and then wipe or just spray it on?

Thanks for the advice
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I hosed the wheel wells and sprayed it on and looked great:cheers:
Maybe you might have to scrub alittle more to get the dirt off:huh:
Hi Mark

Thanks for your business!! Indeed when using the Undercarriage Spray the key is letting is setup. Let is sit on the wheel wells for about 30 minutes. If the runs are still visible take a foam applicator and just smooth it out. Once you have it on there it last for weeks and makes the wheel wells look invisible. :thumbsup:

Again thanks for your business!!
My wheel wells are spotless so are you saying to spray it on while they are wet and then let it dry?

Hi Mark

Make sure the wheel wells are completely dry before spraying the Undercarriage dressing on. If your wheel wells currently look gray and discolored, the Undercarriage Spray helps turn them to a nice low gloss finish that will last for weeks and not attract dirt.

Thanks again
I applied by just spraying it on and leaving it alone. Did have an odor after I pulled it in the garage, smelled the garage up. Odor went away by the end of the day, the garage was open though. Kind of a Mineral spirits or solvent smell, I think.

Made the wells dark and no blotches that I noticed.

I don't think wiping my wheel wells would be very effective, kind of a rough texture, foam applicator might work. Would be pretty hard on the applicator I think, but they are cheap and kind of a consumable item, I guess.

Here is what I did this yesterday when I putting on new rear rotors and pads.
• I used the Dow Bathroom cleaner with scrubbing bubbles and then
• used a soft bristled scrub brush to work the cleaner into the plastic wheel liner and brake duct
• I rinsed the dirt out with the hose and then dried with some towels.
• I sprayed the Undercarriage spray over the wheel liner and plastic
• Let sit for about 5 minutes
• Used a foam applicator to smooth any of the blotchy areas
• Good as new

PS: Adam, I introduced a friend to the In N Out spray and the VRT. I felt like a crack dealer lol he was hooked when I turned some dull under hood rubber into perfection. I gave him a can of In N Out and now he is going to order some products
Thanks for the advice. I'll give it another go during my next wash. I've got to get some in and out and VRT and give those a try as well.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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