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I need to put some extra get up and go in my garage queen.:laughing:
Lets start with the small upgrades then proceed to medium upgrades. The larger ones will have to wait.
I cut out the metal grill of the air cleaner over the weekend.;)

Is there any suggestions?:devil:

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K&N air filter
ECM/chip reprogram or new chip and/or ECM
adjustable fuel pressure regulator
180* thermostat
Flush cooling system, new anti-freeze.
2 bottles of Water Wetter (from auto zone) added to radiator
low temp fan switch 200 on/185 off
high flow/low restriction mufflers as said above
good tune up-new cap, rotor, wires 8mm MSD or Taylor wires

Hypertech 4052 HEI Distributor Upgrade Kit - "Hypertech coil, cap, and rotor kits give you 40 percent more power-making voltage." HYP-4052

The list is endless......

Just depends on how much $$$ you want to spend and how much work you want to do!

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Can you give me some tips to change the ignition pieces including the plugs.
I'm assuming the temp switch & t-stat will be for the cooler water temp. Will the wetter water help with that?
Last but not least, the fuel pressure regulator. What is the plus of that ?

OK, one more if you can stand it. The chip/ecm change, what is it I'm looking for?

Thanks, :cheers:
First I'd get a Chevy/Helms service manual, Chiltons and Haynes manuals for the car.
You'll have to look at the plug wire/firing order when you change the cap, rotor and wires to make sure you get them back in the correct order.
I'ts best to change the spark plugs and wires one at a time so you get them back in the right place!
Then mark the tops of the wires that plug into the cap with a silver marker for each cylinder-or get those labels from Mr.Gasket at the auto parts. Next change the cap and rotor inside.
The low temp cooling switch screws into the engine block on drivers side near the exhaust manifold.
Both the lower temp cooling switch and thermostat help your car run cooler and when the motor runs cooler it makes more power. The water wetter helps too.
You have to buy a Hypertech (ThermoMaster Power chip)
or have your ECM chip reprogrammed and it will give you some extra HP also.


(depending on year,make, and model)

Hypertech Power Tuning:

Tunes the engine for maximum power and performance, plus potential gas mileage improvements.

Cooling Fan On/Off Temperatures:

The ThermoMaster Power Chip permits the use of a low-temperature thermostat for cooler, denser intake charge and lower engine operating temperature resulting in faster acceleration.

Top-Speed Limiter:

Allows the vehicle's top speed to be matched to the speed rating of high-performance tires.

Turbo Boost Pressure Control:

Increased boost pressures on turbocharged cars.

Torque Converter Lock-Up:

Raises RPM for torque converter lock-up, producing better driveability and smoother shifting.
After you get the chip or reprogram you can change the fuel pressure regulator to give you more PSI to your injectors as the new chip will be calling for.
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Hypertech Thermomaster Power Chip

What year is your car?
Automatic or manual ?
Here is a good place for the HyperTech chips. $205
Hypertech Thermomaster Power Chip

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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