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I need to put some extra get up and go in my garage queen.:laughing:
Lets start with the small upgrades then proceed to medium upgrades. The larger ones will have to wait.
I cut out the metal grill of the air cleaner over the weekend.;)

Is there any suggestions?:devil:

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K&N air filter
ECM/chip reprogram or new chip and/or ECM
adjustable fuel pressure regulator
180* thermostat
Flush cooling system, new anti-freeze.
2 bottles of Water Wetter (from auto zone) added to radiator
low temp fan switch 200 on/185 off
high flow/low restriction mufflers as said above
good tune up-new cap, rotor, wires 8mm MSD or Taylor wires

Hypertech 4052 HEI Distributor Upgrade Kit - "Hypertech coil, cap, and rotor kits give you 40 percent more power-making voltage." HYP-4052

The list is endless......

Just depends on how much $$$ you want to spend and how much work you want to do!

Can you tell me more about the chip idea?
Is there info for the beginner?:cheers:
Is an auto parts store a good source for ignition parts?
This is all new & fun for now to play with.:surprised
That tune up looks like fun to change the plugs.:thud:


Can you give me some tips to change the ignition pieces including the plugs.
I'm assuming the temp switch & t-stat will be for the cooler water temp. Will the wetter water help with that?
Last but not least, the fuel pressure regulator. What is the plus of that ?

OK, one more if you can stand it. The chip/ecm change, what is it I'm looking for?

Thanks, :cheers:

That is great advice for my car. :excited:

I have a 94 auto with 307 gears. the GC has only 43,000 miles on it now. Its getting more street time now that the diesel truck is down.;)

Thanks for the lead on the ThermoMaster Power chip. I like the idea of the t-stat change with the chip change. I was concerned about the temps it was running. But I found out that was normal for emissios temp.:thud:

I've bought the manuals for the car already. It may be time to hit the books. Will I be tested on the chapters?????

I'll be giving her a complete tune up this weekend pending arrival of all the parts at the local store. :partyon:

Would the rear gear change to 373 be worth the $$$$ ?

I'll get back here if I have any more questios.

Many thanks for your help.

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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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