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Value of remouving air pump/EGR?

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Hey Guys!

What exactly is the purpose of the tubes on top of the stock exhaust manifolds?
my understanding is that they are for the air pump system for startup?
I read that removing the air pump system is 20hp or so, but does it make it harder to start?

Ive heard the benefits of removing the EGR system. are those air tubes on the exhaust part of that? I have seen the tube that goes into the manifold on the right side, and the blockoff plates you can buy? is that all a guy does is remove the tubes and install the blockoff plates? the only people I know who have done that was too make room for a slightly taller valve cover.

I want a set of headers:D , and I have seen them with the tubes and without. I want to know the real difference.
Basically I want to mod up my completely stock l98 and dont want to have trouble codes.

thanks !
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