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AlwaysWave said:
I want to paint the covers on wifey's 95 a bright yellow to match the outside. I plan on sanding them down to a nice smooth finish first. There's lots of paints out there, but which brand and type can handle the heat on the plastic?
I painted my plastic rail covers last spring and they look great! I picked up a matching Ruby Red right off the shelf. No signs of peeling or cracking.

Just clean them really well with a paint thinner and let dry. Then spray an automotive enamel in very light coats. Let dry between coats. It will probably take three or four coats.

There is no need to sand the covers smooth or to prime them. Use enamel, not lacquer paint.

Also, I advise against a clear coat. It doesn't need it and it probably wont take the heat and eventually peel or crack.

Good luck!:thumbsup:
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